View Full Version : looking for supplement and workout advice/tips!

05-15-2014, 01:30 PM
what's goin on guys!! I'm just looking for any advice and tips on how i can increase my numbers on my core lifts(Bench.Squat.Deadlift.etc..) I recently closed wrapped up my sophomore year of college and am now on summer break and for this summer my goals are to shred fat and get that solid beach body goin on and to also increase my strength so I can be at my best for my next season of football. Ok so spring ball and spring lifting ended with about two weeks left of school so we could prepare for our finals and in that two week period i never got a solid lift in due to the stress of the end of the semester and since ive been home (got back last thursday) i have been in the gym everyday but my numbers have noticeably gone down (especially bench) and man is that frustrating!! Now as a football player we obviously have specific lifts and workouts we are supposed to do (cleans,snatch,front squat,etc..) but in all honesty i tend to slack a little bit on those lifts in the summer. As of right now I am really looking to increase my bench/squat max and also my endurance for both of those lifts. If anyone can share some solid workouts or any type of advice with me i would appreciate it, i am always trying to get insight and opinions from fellow lifters!

as far as the supplement advice i am looking for.. I would appreciate any reviews/tips on what pre workout, protein, creatine, any and all supplements, that you guys had some noticeable success with! getting off your ass and working like a beast is the obvious but i have taken quite a few different types of supplements and some of them seem have done very little or almost nothing at all for me!! during some of our off season lifting i took a super generic (local grocery store bought) testosterone booster and idk if it was all in my head but it seemed like it actually helped get my numbers up! any advice on test boosters would be awesome.... i have also been considering trying out a fat burner for the first time to speed up the fat burning process during my training sessions. i know it may sound like a contradiction wanting to gain strength while taking a fat burner but with proper diet and intense/disciplined training sessions i know that it is possible. so any advice on successful fat burners will also be appreciated! i really hope i get some solid and helpful feedback and thank you in advance for all replies!

(i don't use bodyspace often and don't entirely know how it all works. this is the explanation for my non existent rep power and all of the other things that appear under my profile name)