View Full Version : Anyone have microsoft certification? Tell me about it

05-05-2014, 07:06 PM
I have been looking into getting some microsoft certifications, leading up to the professional one. Hopefully they will help me land a I.T. job or something in the field, at least get my foot in the door.
Such as:
Will any of those help me get into a field?

Has anyone taken the exams, i know they cost around $125 per exam per certification.
Would really like to make sure I pass them on the 1st try.

I can trouble shoot pretty much anything computer related far as windows go, as well as most hardware, software, etc... in general. I have ran some kernals of Linux and unix before as well (hacking wifi passwords at work), know a bit of basic java, took C++ classes in college and visual basic as well. I dable a bit in a lot of things related.

My current job as a postal employee is running me thing, mon-friday 7:30am-6pm, taxed hard on checks too. I avg like 13-15 miles a day on foot, takes up all my time. Feels bad, doesn't pay enough and its just not what i enjoy doing.
If anything I will open a computer tech biz. I know there are a decent saturation but most people get duped by geek squad around here.