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05-04-2014, 08:02 AM
I can remember I was so excited for this sequal to come out. Not only being the Romans my favourite ancient empire, Rome 1 was epic. Battling with 10,000+ men using proper battle techniques, getting your ass handed to you by some Gauls hoping reinforcements would still arrive. All hell breaking loose once you got the chance to take Rome and then having to fight the other 2 factions while the Germanians decided to attack when all your armies were somewhere in Greece. Making sure your bloodline stayed pure, none of that degenerate "Babulcus" or whatever surnames but all named "Brutus". Oblitterating a phalanx unit with cataphracts up the arse. That game was awesome. Not to mention the Realism mod.

Rome 1 was everything that Rome 2 isn't. The battles have no overview and you have no idea if you're winning or not, there's no immersing campaign and it's all ****ed up by a lack of sieges, spies and other agents do jack **** and every building makes sure you either **** up happiness, income or food. And we're at patch 12 for ****s sake!!

At least we get naval battles in Rome 2 that work pretty well....****