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What is ArchAge?

“ArcheAge is an open-world sandbox game unlike any other available in the West today. In ArcheAge you can: raise your mount, fight your way through a dungeon, craft the best armor in the game, make your mark on the world with an open-world farm or house, sail your ship on the high seas to trade with foreign ports, swoop in on airships and fight other players for plunder, claim a piece of land for your guild then fight with them to defend your territory from rival guilds, and lots of other fun things. We’re thrilled to be able to bring ArcheAge to the West!”


::::::::ArcheAge Content::::::::

- PVE and PVP Content
- Seamless world, load screens down to a minimum (teleport and stuff…).
- Classes and races, combat system with skillsets.
- Crafting and Trading, player driven economy (all best stuff is crafted).
- Player Housing and Farms (in real time, not “instanced”), farming subject to climate zone changes.
- Naval combat and exploration (includes living as a pirate, outcasted and plundering as you please).
- Criminal system, with Trial (with player jury and Judge), if found guilty you will spend some time in prison.
- Leveling, under and over achieve quest system (you can deliver quests half done for less reward or with extra for more reward).
- PVP Siege Battles.
- Guilds, Factions and Nations (players can create).
- Dungeons and Raids (instanced and open world).
- Battlegrounds.
- Open world bosses.
- Underwater exploration.
- Transportation, ships, vehicles and mounts, land, air and water.
- And more, game have so much stuff, its mind blowing.


World is divided in three continents and couple islands here and there, four races (so far, more are coming from XL Games) divided by East And West (two each), Auroria in the North is in permanent state of war, sieges are taken place there for the control of the land and all the benefits it gives to the conqueror Guilds, if you go there, go prepared and bring your friends.

There are places that doesn't show on the map so the game invite you to explore to your hearts content.

Nuia and Haranya is where you have your "normal leveling" content, main housing areas and main Faction cities. the sea around is filled with treasures, you can explore over and underwater and even build structures in the sea (sort of), fortune awaits for you there, or your doom, because danger dwells under, not just from above, the sea is a "no man's land" and you can attack or be attacked at any time.

The game focus heavily on PVP, but you can PVE only if you want to, you can attack opposite faction (duh!) and players of the same faction can attack you BUT there will be consequences for those, AA have a Crime with Trial by jury/judge system for that and you will go to Jail if you are guilty in Court, if you break the law enough times (killing same faction or stealing) you will be outcasted and become a Pirate, Pirates have their own safe haven and you will be attacked on sight by NPC's from the other continents, you can go back to a "civilian" life after being a pirate but will take effort and time.

Open PvP is a dynamic experience. Everything from massive battles to lower-scale pvp to big sea fights can happen. But it also has something many people don't like: ganking of lower level players.

The ArcheAge solution is to put a big safezone around important zones, peacetimes in other ones and many, many respawn points around the world.

While on the northern continent and on the open sea you have open pvp all day, the two starting continents have a war and peace system. In general, the pvp zones on those two continents are flagged for pvp. If there is too much pvp going on, e.g. too many players get killed, a war starts. This means you get rewarded for killing the enemy faction. You get honor points for kills and assists and also for succesful participation in the fight.

The "endgame" in Archeage starts at level one.

::::::::Classes, Races, Stats::::::::

- Western continent - NUIA


Called the Conquerors of the Continent, Nuians possess a deeply spiritual culture that revolves around Nui, the Goddess of the Hereafter. They revere the beauty and harmony of their fallen kingdom and fight fearlessly to maintain the traditions that brought them to power.

Racial Skills
Nuians receive extra benefits for visiting the Hereafter, doubling the time their stats are increased after being resurrected.

Nuians enjoy reduced construction time for houses and castles, a legacy of the destruction caused by their rebellions and civil wars.



Elves seclude themselves deep in the forest, avoiding other races as much as possible. Though envied for their beauty, their behavior is considered incomprehensible: hoping for an honorable death, they seek out danger no matter the odds.

Racial Skills
Conditioning for the rigors and strains of combat has given Elves the ability to hold their breath underwater for extended periods.

Spending decades near Gweonid Lake makes most Elves talented swimmers with increased speed.

- Eastern continent - HARANYA
- FIRRAN (original Ferre, changed due to phonetic similarity with upcoming race Fairy)


The restless, nomadic Firran roam the wilds, fueled by dreams of reclaiming their former glory. They believe every life – no matter how small – is not only valuable, but plays a critical role in the natural world. All Firran strive to find their purpose and play their part.

Racial Skills
Firran can use their quick reflexes and powerful bodies to decrease fall damage.

Long, non-retractable claws allow Firran to climb trees and ladders faster.

- HARANI (original Hariharan)

http://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/archeage.gamepedia.com/thumb/9/9b/Hariharan.png/350px-Hariharan.png?version=9b3000ecac3ce64298207df577d5 cd14

Harani are survivors in the truest sense, capable of extreme and heroic acts serving the interests (and preservation) of their people. Practical, cunning, and family-minded, it is no surprise the strength of their new kingdom rivals the strength of the kingdom they lost.


ArcheAge features over 100 Classes built from 10 Skillsets favored by the gods and heroes of the Great Expedition. Skillsets host a range of abilities, from Sorcery’s devastating spells to Songcraft’s soothing ballads. Each one levels up independently (as you gain experience with a Skillset, you will unlock its array of powers) and over time you can master them all.

After reaching level 10, you can combine any three Skillsets to make a unique Class. You can swap Skillsets in and out to change Classes as often as you like, with no predefined path to follow. Experiment and discover Classes to fit any situation, and all with the same character!

Any class can wear any type of armor or weapon, although some classes benefit more from a certain type.

- Primary Skillsets
- Battlerage
- Sorcery
- Archery
- Vitalism
- Necromancy
- Shadowplay

- Support Skillsets
- Songcraft
- Witchcraft
- Auramancy
- Defense

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::::::::Crafting, Trading, Housing and Farms::::::::

- Alchemy, Construction, Cooking, Handicrafts, Livestock, Farming, Fishing, Logging, Engineering, Metalwork, Printing, Mining, Masonry, Tailoring, Leatherwork, Weaponry, Carpentry, Theft, Commerce, Composing

There is no restriction of how many skills you learn, but you can only specialize/max out few of them, so take in account what professions suits you. However the number of products you made are limited by labor points, the quality of products is influenced by profession levels. Professions at high level will cost less labor points and you have a better chance to get rarer items.

Crafting is very important in AA, from houses to boats to armor, weapons and more, the players are the ones who drive the game economy forward, best stuff is crafted, there are a great variety of professions, from creating items to trading skills to music composition that you can than play on several instruments, to use professions you will need Labor Points.

- Labor Points

Labor Points is a third point pool like health and mana. Labor points are required for most non-combat activities. It is the main resource required for gathering harvests, planting trees, building houses and ships and many more.

More difficult the task is the more points you will have to spend. For example it will not cost you a lot to gather apples from a tree. But if you want to build a house or ship you will have to spend a huge amount of points. It is fair because the amount of real labor is different. That’s why top level objects are difficult to create. Such objects require a lot of resources and labor.

Labor points is a restricted resource. Though it is being regenerated over time you will face with lack of it. There will be situations when your points are not enough to finish task. So the first rule is to spend the resource carefully. Do not spend your points as soon as you get some. Maybe it is better to wait and accumulate more.

If you have enough LP you can spend them for your own needs or you can help others. You may offer someone your help and ask money or items in return. It is a way to make some money if you really need it (maybe not the best way).

- Housing and Farming


In ArcheAge, players have the opportunity to actually own property located out in the game world. Houses and farms are not instanced, meaning they are visible to anyone passing by; they have a real location, like “across the road from Windshade Village” or “on the south coast of Villanelle”. Choosing where to live involves weighing your access to conveniences, climates, pleasing environments, and availability of land.

There are several types of crops you can to and animals to breed, crops will grown more or less depending on your position in the world, dry climates are good and bad for certain crops for example( http://db.archeagedb.net/Climatic_zones ).

To secure your farms and prevent people from stealing your crops, you will need a Scarecrow, without it your crops will be unprotected, also you will pay Taxes for your property.

Taxes start out fairly small, but increase exponentially with larger house sizes and ownership of more than three properties. Medium and larger homes really are “luxury” housing; you’d best make sure you can afford the upkeep if you want to build one!
Should you fail to pay your taxes for a week, you’ll owe a late payment penalty but your property will remain safe. If you fail to pay them for 2 weeks in a row, the house will go unprotected and eventually disappear, perhaps quite rapidly with a little “help” from someone looking to take over the location!

When a player loses his house, it will be sent to him via mail, so its possible to rebuild it again as it was before, so technically he just lost the housing spot earlier and have to look for a new one.

A wide variety of furnishings can be used to decorate or customize your space. Some are placed outdoors, like planters or fences. Other items, like chairs or bookshelves, can only be placed inside of a house. Furniture, art pieces, lighting, decorative plants… there’s a lot to choose from!



Explaining in a few words how the trading works in AA would sound like this: you craft a trade pack, transfer it to a delivery location and get payed. But the transportation process is not that safe, and if you get killed the trade pack drops of you and it gets lost, and with it all the resources which were used to make it, but on the other hand the one who killed you gets out with a nice payroll when he turns in that package.

Trading items are native from region to region, more distance you travel with your trade packs, more income you earn, you can transport your goods in merchant ships, by land and air or on foot (not advisable), some vehicles transport more trade packs than others.

::::::::Guilds, Factions and Nations::::::::

You can create Guilds like other MMO's, plus Factions and even Nations, Factions require a somewhat expensive and long process, Nations also.

Everyone having territory on the northern continent can now proclaim a nation and you are independent from the other 2 npc factions(if you take the news literally.).
It seems that you are able to do diplomacy with NPC factions and other player factions, meaning you can be peaceful towards each other OR enemies(so now half-assed thing I hope). Within that paragraph, they mentioned guards and NPC merchants. I'm not sure whether thats only for npc factions or if they're semi-announcing new stuff for the territories.
This also means that you can play together no matter what race. You can apply for a nation and if the nations accepts the application you're in(I'm sure its not that simple but lets see). You cannot have dual citizinship, you will be considered an outlaw if you do that.

If you have estate in an area of a nation, your taxes go directly to that nation. They can be adjusted by the respective nation.

::::::::Criminal system and Pirates::::::::

The criminal system in ArcheAge can be separated in four categories, Crime, Court, Prison and Pirate.

- Crime

- By killing people from your own faction, you will leave blood tracks on the floor
- By stealing crops and live stock, you will leave footprints on the floor

Players can collect blood or footprints, then click on them in the inventory to report you, for each report you will receive a Crime Point, when you reach a limit you will be entitled to go to Court, if you die or relog when entitled to go to Court a screen will appear asking if you want to go to Court, it may lower or increase your sentence, its your choice, if not down to the gallows with you.

- Court


The jury is made up of 5 random members of the court (players).
To become a member in the court (juror) or part of the jury, the player needs to be level 30+ and sign up at an NPC in the town.

When a criminal is sent for a trial, the players who signed up for the jury will get a message box, asking them if they want to participate on the trial or not, the first 5 players who accept to be the judge will get ported into the courthouse (its advised to be very fast with clicking, if you would like to become a juror).

There is a pile of rocks on the ground at the court, from where the jurors can take "Paving Stone" and throw at the criminal (stoning style, like in the dark ages).

If the criminal found guilty he gets ported into a prison cell.

- Prison


First by default, the criminal gets ported into a cell, where he remains locked up for 10 minutes, after the door will open up, and he is allowed to go out into the prison yard and explore and interact with the other inmates. You can smash boxes, and get prison clothing from it (hats, shirts, shorts, football shoes), there are some buckets around which can be put on head too and used as a hat.

You can escape if you find the key to the tower, which you will find a parachute inside, jump from the tower and you escape, or remain inside and spend your time.

- Pirate


If a player gets sent many times into the prison, eventually he will became a pirate, you will need to commit alot of crimes to become a Pirate, you can get out of the Pirate Faction but that will take time too, a price to pay for your evil actions.

You will get access to a Pirate only island, quests, and alot of stuff Pirate only related, the Npc's from the southern islands will attack you on sight and even the chat is Pirate only, you will loose access to other Factions chat, Pirates are a faction of their own.

::::::::Siege Battles, Battlegrounds::::::::

- Sieges

Siege battles are taken in Auroria continent only, when the game starts, it is all empty, and the big guilds have to fight for the giant swords that mark a territory claim point. The winning guild gets to build a castle and houses around the spot. The claiming guild is allowed a 350m radius around the middle of the castle to build everything they want: houses, farms etc.

After the claiming, there will be auctions for so called "war declaration" every week. These are server-controlled auctions you can only bid on and the starting bid is 500 gold. Whoever wins the auction gets to attack the castle. Keep in mind that this can also be the guild holding the castle, meaning no one can attack it, and that also means that there are fixed times for castle sieges.

- A guild has to bid (in gold) for the right to attack a castle and it's surrounding lands. If there are 2 or more guilds wanting to attack a certain land, it goes to an auction and the highest bidder gets the right to attack that land.

- The sieges have timers that open once a week (on Saturday night), and they are open for 2 hours.

- Once a siege goes live only the attacking and defending guild can participate. A invisible wall goes up around the siege area. Other players can watch, but if your not in the siege, and you enter inside the wall you will be ported to the nearest bind point.

- The siege starts off as 70 vs 70. The defending guild can hire up to 30 mercenary real players to help with the defence.

- If the defending guild starts bringing in mercenaries, then after 20 mins into the battle the attacking guild can start brining in reinforcements from real players to help with the offence, up to 30 players. So the battle ends up as 100 vs 100, if enough players participate.

- If the attacking guild wins they can then lay claim to the land and can destroy anything on their new property to rebuild.

- If a guild successfully defends their land, they get special coins called "Coins of the Lord"(may change). They can use the coins to buy guild perks, and the leader can buy the "Emperor's gear" and a cool Fire horse mount. They also get double the taxes on their lands and resources. (This is put in place to make defending lands an incentive).
(above timers subject to change)

There are also battlegrounds in the game which are 5v5. You can only enter every 2 hours for 1 hour since it's only available within a certain timeframe. (more info on this soon)

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another archage thread (people excited about the game, although not the current alpha access price)


::::::::Mounts, transportation, vehicles::::::::

- Mounts


In ArcheAge mounts are not just used for travelling, they can be used for attacking the enemies too, they act also like a "pet", when you dismount they can be given commands to follow you or stay, they come in a several number of kinds, racial and neutral, including water mounts as dolphins for example.

Mounts have their own interface screen (or mount screen), where you can see your mounts current equipment and stats such as: experience, HP, MP, Physical Defense, Magical Defense, Speed...they have 3 equipment slots on them (head, saddle, feet) for additional armor which will increase its defense, HP, leggings can give movement speed bonus... Its possible to obtain these armors from the NPCs near the stable, or to craft them.

Mounts have their own levels, and in order to keep them gaining XP, they must be summoned while you are killing the mobs (they are not getting XP when the player turns in quests, nor from gathering or crafting).

You can breed your mounts, its not a real breeding system, its just a series of quests needed to complete from getting the baby mount to raising it up (it all takes about 10 minutes, or less). Most of the mounts are possible to be ridden by two persons, a rider and a passenger. In case there are two persons on a mount, the person on the back is free to shoot with his bow at things in range, while the person in front is "driving" it.

-Transportation and vehicles


There are transportation system in AA connecting regions/places in form of carriages or zeppelins, they work like a "bus" passing by between points, you can mount or dismount them at any time.

There are several types of veichles in AA to craft, from fishing boats to galeons, cars and gliders, some can be upgraded to combat vehicles so you can bring terror from above, ships come in a variety of sizes and the bigger ones will require a group of peope to man all cannons.

Some ships have special features like a sort of "sonar/periscope", so you can track upcoming attacks for example.


official website: http://www.archeagegame.com/en/
Sign up for beta!

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but why so expensive

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but why so expensive

true, maybe to help with development (early adoption). Just sign up for beta imo (free) through the website.

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true, maybe to help with development (early adoption). Just sign up for beta imo (free) through the website.

i've done that.

but all that "give us money for development and get early access alpha beta delta version" thing is pissening. make game and charge it when its done.