View Full Version : Online strategy videos have kinda ruined MMO's creative battles...

04-25-2014, 06:01 AM
I've been playing MMO's since EQ till FFXIV and everything in between as far as end-game content (some server firsts) and know it's been going on early on, but don't get the watching of videos to clear content at all. Have left multiple guild/clans/etc because they force me to watch it before you even enter a zone and later ones seem to be the biggest offenders. Doesn't that defeat the purpose or playing? Essentially it's cheating (think of it like watching a video on how to beat a puzzle on single player game) but EXTREMELY accepted. I understand the issue of "not wasting time" somewhat but these dev's take so much time creating these really intriguing battles and people watch videos to figure them out, then proceed to complain about content being "too easy", meanwhile if it was so easy, shouldn't you be clearing world 1st/2nd/3rd's like these other's do without assistance from youtube? It turns the game into the gear grind that people complain so much about.

TL:DR - People should respect the dev's who make these MMO raid/boss fights and just at least try to fight them till the group decides "we need to cheat to win" and if they do use a video to learn exactly how to defeat something, not be another one of the millions complaining about content being "too easy".

04-25-2014, 11:23 AM
You have two options. Make a guild with like minded individuals (I'm sure there are many), I see your point and if I wasn't OCD about making progress when I'm playing MMOs and chit, I would join such a guild. I feel like its flawed, eventually frustration/impatience will take over and one of you will eventually look it up.


Join a competitive guild in either EU or US for your respective game where you can be at the fore front of this puzzle solving. The way its become, saturation of youtube and information on the net, there is no going back.