View Full Version : Need a blank excel nutrition planner? You're in the right place.

04-22-2014, 06:33 PM
I'm so negative on this site, I thought I'd try to be a bit more positive and help others out! - I spent about 3 hours (probably more) trying to 'perfect' playing a bit of trial and error, was constantly adding and taking away bits of it and trying to get a perfect, simple layout - it's harder than it sounds! I had a lot of fun making this and although I've never used excel for anything more complicated than a 2 sided frequency chart I'm more than happy to say I feel that I done well in making this!

Feel free to modify how you want, add or take-away anything if i'm honest, consists of current 'stats', goal 'stats', a progress record and a 7 day meal planner (with a calorie & macro-nutrient counter). It's pretty basic, but more than enough for the common goals of bulking and cutting. Didn't get around to adding a workout planner but I'm sure I will add it in - with time, but I know nutrition & dieting is one of the biggest reasons people fail with their goals so I thought I would try to break it down for those who find it difficult. Unfortunately you have to do all the maths, calculations and nutritional information yourself because adding formulas is a time consuming job and I didn't feel it was necessary, I feel it's good to calculate yourself & be more 'hands on'.

It's not pretty to look at but It sure as hell will benefit you planning your meals ahead of time! I'm sure most will get the hang of adding foods if there isn't enough rows to fit it in, but sorry if you don't! I will make an improved version but for now this is it. Hope I could help at least one person out! Best of luck with achieving your goals!