View Full Version : Hydroxycut during bulk

04-03-2014, 05:03 PM
So I just started bulking and I also just saw a commercial for hydroxycut. So, here is my dilemma. Every one tells me that I need to fat in order to gain muscle and I really like seeing my abs. It is beach season btw. The people on hydroxycut commercials look ripped. So, would it be possible to bulk during my strength program, gain muscle and then use hydroxycut to burn off the fat? Thanks for any and all responses!

04-03-2014, 05:21 PM
1. No, you are bulking, you are going to gain fat, and a "fat burner" isnt going to do chit.

2. There is a reason they pay fit models to endorse these products.

3. Dont waste your money or your time.

04-03-2014, 05:34 PM
Your first mistake, was letting the way models look affect your decision to like the product. Every single supplement out there, good or bad, will always have a super fit person sponsoring it or showing it. Dont compare yourself to them, and dont think that the product they are showing, is going to magically make you look like them.

Now, you are going to gain a little fat during you bulk unfortunately. Its inevitable. But do it cleanly. Dont just gorge yourself with anything you see. Eat healthy, but consume lots of complex carbs and protein. Eat a lot of calories, but there is no need to go way overboard and increase your calories by the thousands. Just eat about 500 more calories or so a day.

Now once you are done bulking and you want to cut, you are not going to be able to take hydroxycut and have your body fat disappear. It just doesnt work that way. Here is what I recommend: Bring your calories down slowly. Im not sure how long you plan to cut, but I usually bring my calories down every 2 weeks by about 150 or so. Also start cutting out high-glycemic carbs, sugars, and stuff like that. Add some cardio here and there. After you have mastered your diet, and your workouts, then you can consider taking hydroxycut. Its only guna help you a little bit, but it can help. You are only going to see results from it though if your diet and workouts are in check.

Bottom line: 70 percent of your progress is based off your diet. 20 percent is based off your workouts. That last 10 percent, if used correctly, can be supplements. As you can see, your diet is the most important tool to gaining bulk, and then cutting fat. Next is your workouts. Once you have both of those in check, you can consider hydroxycut.

I hope this helped, and good luck achieving your goals!