View Full Version : "new addition" to our family

04-02-2014, 07:18 PM
Meet Hedwig and Brunhilde, whom we welcomed to their new home today.

I used quotation marks in the title since my better half has had these as pets in Germany for nearly 50 years. We've been wanting to bring them over for some time, but when my mother in law died last summer, we really had to get going on it. Fiirst had to get them registered in Germany so they could get their "passports." Then the export permit from Germany and then the import permit into the U.S. We wanted to bring them over as cabin pets, but neither United nor Lufthansa would allow it - only dogs and cats. Not quiet, non-allergenic tortoises. So it was by a company that handles pets for United.

Yesterday was the big day - and after some anxious waiting, they showed up. We got a release from Fish & WIldlife, so just had to get the customs clearance, and they were ours.


Still working on their permanent yard and house, so have them in a temporary spot today.

Peeking out of for their first view of California: Hedwig on the left, Brunhilde on the right.

And they're off!



Together: Brunhilde is a bit darker, longer, and less domed, while Hedwig is lighter and more domed.

We hope they like it here!

Anyone have a randy boy tortoise? :D