View Full Version : Is my calorie intake right for me?!?!

03-18-2014, 04:30 AM
Hi, I'm a 5"11 21 yr old male who weighs 76kg/167lbs, bodyfat unknown but I reckon I'm at 12% (hopefully) maybe 14% my arms and legs are quite lean and vascular and I've started to see the top Half of my abs.

I weightlift 6 times and week and have recently really got into the swinging things making some good strength progress, my current stats are 130kg deadlift, 100kg squat, 100kg bench all for roughly 4 reps.

My main goal for the moment is to get lean for the summer (as does everyone!) however I'm not sure my calories are right for me and whether or not I could get away with maybe eating more.
The reason I say this is because I commute on my bike everyday, totaling at least 30-40 miles a week potentially more, I also do thai boxing at least once a week which is an 1hr and a half of intense cardio.

My calculated macros is set at 2,100 cals for a 500cal deficit which I believe to be quite low for my activity level. My weekly diet currently consists of 3kg of chicken, brown bread, porridge/oats with skimmed milk, 3 eggs daily, soups and the occasional chocolate bar. I tend to have a lot of toasties (20g cheese, 1 wholemeal sandwich thin and 50g chicken= 300 cal) and I have 2 scoops of protein daily.

My question is do you think I can eat more and still get leaner on my current diet? Also any diet/training advice would be appreciated.

P.s. I'm also training for a fight at the end of April. And luckily although I'm a student (and british) I'm quite skint atm, so I haven't been out drinking for a while!