View Full Version : The NBA All-Star Weekend has become a digital circus.

02-15-2014, 10:00 PM
The dunk contest is dead and it isn't just because of this new chitty format...it has been dead for years. After about 2006/08ish it was done, gone are the days when all the stars would lineup and watch the dunk contest with passion and excitement, dunkers aren't engaged at all and there is just WAY TO MUCH lights, camera and props...the guest host MC ish is horrible, its pathetic and it is frustrating. The league is shoving social media up our a** because that is how they make money and grow their audience.

The league trying to grow their audience has ruined the experience for real hoops fans, this thing is legitimately a digital circus. You got judgeds holding up tablets :S wtf....TONE DOWN THE LIGHTS, GET THE GROUP OF SCREAMING KIDS OUT!

The players are supposed to be the ones that shine not the building etc....their overshadowed by all that crap.

02-15-2014, 10:03 PM
Yeah take out the social media, need a longer dunk contest. The dunk contest wasn't bad a few of the past years. The problem is there just isn't a whole lotta dunks left to be done. Brb PG's dunk was a better version of VC's 2000 dunk and people **** their pants over it when it happened. Tough crowd to please nowdays.