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02-15-2014, 08:52 PM
Ive seen this dudes name around when reading about great heavyweights of the past. So tell me, exactly how crazy was this son of a bitch?
The guy was undefeated with wins over impressive guys like Byrd and Tua, and then I guess he just thought it was prudent to go absolutely apechit crazy.
Says he developed some persona of his nickname

"It was a very frustrating case because what he did wasn't as clearly criminal as what I expected him to get involved with down the line," said District Attorney John Bradley, who prosecuted Ike. "I fully expected that his contact with the criminal justice system had not ended with our county. We weren't able to get him examined, but it sure seemed to me -- even if he was a heavyweight boxer looking at making millions of dollars -- that he should have been committed to a psychiatric community and treated."
Ibeabuchi developed a new persona based on his nickname, "The President." At times when he was being churlish or refusing to complete a simple requirement such as attending a weigh-in, his handlers would appeal to The President's regal nature by convincing him it was the noble thing to do. "There were times when he thought he was really a president," boxing promoter and former HBO Sports executive Lou DiBella said. "He would get into these mental states where he insisted on people calling him The President. It was his alter ago, where 'I am The President,' not of the United States, but maybe the world."
Promoter Cedric Kushner said Ike on two occasions had to be literally dragged onto airplanes before fights because of perceived demonic forces.
Once Ibeabuchi wielded a knife during a dinner meeting in New York to discuss a possible three-fight HBO deal. "We were having a fine meal at a nice restaurant," Kushner said, "and mid-course Ike picked up a big carving knife, slammed it into the table and screamed 'They knew it! They knew it! The belts belong to me! Why don't they just give them back.'" "That was a peculiar experience," Kushner said. "That wasn't the type of conduct I expected to romance the guy from HBO. (Ibeabuchi) was like a Viking."[2][3]

Hope he makes parole and has a monster comeback

02-15-2014, 09:06 PM
Ike had a nice physique in the mid-late 90s. I had no idea about the mental,problems.