View Full Version : Isn't it funny brahs

02-12-2014, 02:46 AM
That all people could talk about was how great Portland was.

And how disappointing Dwight Howard and the Rockets had been.

Yet after tomorrow against the Clippers - Portland and Houston could go into the ASB with the same amount of Ls.

It's surreal actually.

Rockets fans knew the first couple of months would be bumpy integrating Dwight into this offense.

We've basically played the entire season without our 4th best player.

Morey has pre-heated the oven nicely at tree fiddy degrees and this Rockets team is baking quite nicely. Quite nicely.

Oh and PS guise.

Rockets pick up the team option on Chandler Parsons next year. Pay him UNDER $1mil AGAIN.
Asik and Lin's salaries come off the books for the 2015 free agent bonanza. Another large contract to a free agent.
Re-sign Chandler and go over the cap.

O lawdy.
O lawdy.