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10-29-2013, 06:06 PM
so ive been overweight most of my life, I finally decided to do something about it back in 2010

heres the run down....

~2010 I was about 285 lbs and started running, working out and dieting.

1/2 2011 I was around 230 lbs and still going strong and working out

somewhere toward the beginning of 2012 I fell off and quit caring lol never really gained any weight back, it just changed from muscle weight to fat weight

I got down to around 210 and just hung there obviously increasing body fat, then in the beginning of 2013 I joined the army at 213 lbs... went through basic training and didn't really lose any weight but im sure again it went from fat to muscle weight.

now here I sit, end of 2013 at ~195 lbs, and obviously smaller than when I initially joined the army.

its been a steady loss of weight but I feel like im stalling again, and im so close to being down to how I want to look I wanna push through this plateau and end up with a nicer body for this spring/summer.

my current diet is(keep in mind my choices are limited since im in a barracks)

breakfast (7 am)
eggs, bacon, a fruit (apple or banana) and oatmeal or whole grain cereal

snack (10)

meat(chicken or fish), 1 carb(rice or potato), 1 cooked vegetable and a garden salad


dinner(5, pre workout)
1 meat(chicken or fish) 1 carb(rice or potato), 1 cooked vegetable and a garden salad

post workout(8ish)
2 slices wheat bread with 2 tblsp pnut butter

typically try to do cardio AT least 3 times a week(it happens a lot since I run for pt and on my personal time as well) and workout 5 times a week
cardio consists mainly of runs and the workouts are varying body parts(chest/tris, back/bis, ect.)

garden salad- lettuce/spinach, black beans, cucumbers, tomatoes. with a light dressing(no fat)
apple is just the easiest thing to keep on hand for a snack, and sometimes I cant follow this diet to a T. but 90% of the time this is it.

sorry for the lengthy post, but I really need some suggestions. ill do my best to change whatever it is yall suggest, just feel its time for some help and or motivation.

10-29-2013, 06:32 PM
Looks like you don't know the calories/macro breakdown.
I suggest you read this: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=156380183
And start tracking calories with: www.myfitnesspal.com

and get on a good progressive barbell routine like all pros or starting strength: