View Full Version : 49ers and Hawks - separated at birth

10-29-2013, 10:14 AM
Young, mobile QBs with unlimited ceilings and impossible expectations. Check. Check.

All-pro defenses with top pass rushers, great tacklers, ball hawks, big hitters, experience, and confidence. Check. Check.

Consistent, power RBs who are bruisers, break tackles, gain extra yards, can create plays, and protect the ball. Check. Check.

Very public, widely disliked coaches, who did well enough in their NFL roles, and experienced great success at the college level by creating cults of personality. Have energized their fan bases from day one. Check. Check.

Injuries and off the field problems galore causing key players to miss time. Either at OL(Sea) or on the DL(SF), and in the WR corps(both). Check. Check.

And here is the best part: Key players returning on the lines and wide out in the next few weeks. Check. Check.

More alike than we thought, and when we see Harvin and the OL return for Seattle and Smith and the WRs return for SF, then they look even more similar and similarly unbeatable. Season is shaping up nicely

10-29-2013, 12:41 PM
Two teams are crazy similar and this offseason was ridiculous how similar they were. Seattle traded for Harvin, 49ers traded for Boldin. 49ers lost their best WR to a major injury, Seattle lost their best WR to a major injury. 49ers draft a TE from Rice, Seattle daft a TE from Rice.

Went back and forth picking up each others cast offs.

And all the similarities you mentioned.

If they weren't a tough division rival I'd be a big Seahawks fan.