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Large explosion at chemical company east of London
Posted on 09-26 at 20:15:52 CST
[As released by local police]

West THURROCK: explosion at chemical company; warning to resident to stay indoors 26/09/2013

The Fire Service and other emergency services are at the scene of a chemical incident in Stoness Road, West Thurrock where there is believed to have been an explosion at Industrial Chemicals Ltd. There are no reports of any casualties at this time.

Police are asking that anyone who lives in the area stay indoors and keeps their windows and doors closed. There are reports of a strong chlorine smell in the area.


Update: Large explosion at chemical company east of London, caustic soda liquid leaking
Posted on 09-26 at 20:29:32 CST
[As released by the local fire department]

Explosion in Thurrock - Incident Details

Incident: Large Chemical Explosion at Industrial Chemicals

Address: Industrial Chemicals Limited, Stoness Road, West Thurrock

Attendance: 3 x Grays, 2 x Orsett, Maldon Foam Lorry, Southend ALP


Crews arriving at the scene report an explosion of chemical in a chlorine scrubbing unit.

One man suffered minor injuries to his shin. He was treated at the scene by firefighters and did not need an Ambulance. Crews are standing by while site workers investigate.

At 20:50hrs, the incident commander reports that the explosion has caused a leak of caustic soda liquid. Crews are still standing by.


http://www.wxyz.com/dpp/news/region/detroit/detroit-police-fire-dept-respond-to-massive-fire-and-hazmat-situation-on-citys-west-side (Video)

Detroit Police, Fire Dept. respond to massive fire and HAZMAT situation on city's west side



Tim Roth ran through the blown-open doors of the warehouse where experimental cooking fuel had exploded — and stepped into a world of oddities strewn among the broken brick bits.

He found himself searching for casualties among the knocked-down suits of armor, animatronics, old arcade games, clown suits and broken lighted signs as if he were in the Joker's lair.

No one was injured in the blast Roth had witnessed from his corner office in the Southern Trust bank skyscraper overlooking the downtown Orlando building and which prompted a massive emergency response.

"It was weird," Roth, 59, said about the objects inside 47 W. Jefferson St. "We couldn't see, so we used our feet to feel around for bodies."

The 12:30 p.m. explosion shook downtown, but authorities said there was no immediate danger.


Brazil: (Sept 24)

(Google translated) (http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=pt&tl=en&prev=_dd&u=http%3A%2F%2Fzerohora.clicrbs.com.br%2Frs%2Fnoti cia%2F2013%2F09%2Fpopulacao-tenta-deixar-sao-francisco-do-sul-e-enfrenta-filas-na-br-280-em-sc-4280671.html)

Population trying to leave San Francisco and South facing rows on US-280 in SC
Traffic in the city is blocked by the Federal Highway Police

Due to the explosion that occurred in South San Francisco, on the northern coast of Santa Catarina, on the night of Tuesday, the 24th, the people trying to leave the city facing rows on BR-280, towards Joinville. In the early afternoon congestion was 10 km. Around 14:30 queues faced were about four kilometers according to the Federal Highway Police (PRF).

Many are afraid of the smoke, which the Toxicology Center of Santa Catarina, is not toxic and there is no need to evacuate the city . Orientation is not just go to the site of the explosion .

In the early afternoon of Wednesday the wind direction changed in the state . With this, the smoke of the fire in a maritime terminal South San Francisco began to rise further toward the North and proceed Babitonga Bay, at the boundary between the city and Itapoá, and also to the south coast of Paraná.


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