View Full Version : Working with some weight gainer and food...

02-21-2007, 03:54 PM
Ok so i'm on the rippetoes program.. and basically i'm taking Optimum Serious Mass gainer which has about 1200 cal (two scoops)... i usually only drink one scoop everyday due to not wanting to hurt my stomach.. but i'm thinkin about taking one scoop in the morning and one at night before i sleep..

i was wondering in between the day that i drink the gainer... how much do you think i should consume in food? i was thinkin maybe 2-3 medium sized meals around 500 cal each...and what types of foods would u suggest i eat? i have access to a lot of white rice (since i'm asian), eggs, tuna, and basically thats it... i might hit up kfc for cheap pieces of chicken for cheat meals.

I'm all about gaining as much mass as a possible and i'm not worried about fat due to having a fast metabolism anyway and working out too.

any good food ideas for cheap, high cal/protein, easy as hell to make (i'm talking easy mac status lol) and what types of foods... thanks

02-22-2007, 11:26 AM
Canned chili, beans, tuna, rice, chicken, oats, eggs, pasta, and if you want calories that are easy (but not clean), eat TV dinners.