View Full Version : 2k13 PS3 brahs, GTFIH

09-11-2013, 06:41 PM
I just found this roster some guy made that's unreal, it has something like 110 teams, all from the 00s...nostalgia everywhere...

Full rosters, dude somehow managed to get all the player's real faces in as well. Some of the teams on the roster

08 Celtics
09 Lakers
09 Nuggets
07 Cavs
03 Spurs
01 Raptors
02 Magic
07 Raptors
08 Blazers (Roy/Aldridge/Oden, hnnng)
04 Lakers
04 Pistons
05 Suns (Nash/Joe/Q/Matrix/STAT)
01 Lakers
05 Sonics (Ray/Shard)
06 Heat
04 Knicks
04 Wolves
04 Pacers
03 Rockets (Francis/Yao)
07 Rockets (Yao/T-Mac)

Seriously, so many incredible teams...just go to 2KShare, search for created rosters by username and look for "AgentNL7"...you won't be disappointed.