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09-08-2013, 11:06 PM
Read these lyrics while you listen to this:


[Chorus: B-Real]
So you wanna be a flop superstar?
And live large, get calls, like Chris Paul, you're in charge
Comin' up in the world don't trust no ref
Gotta look over your shoulder constantly

I remember the days when I was a young kid growin' up
Looking in the mirror dreamin' about blowin' up
The flop crowd, make money, chill with the honey's
Sign autographs or whatever the people want from me
****'s funny how impossible dreams manifest
And the games that be comin' with it, nevertheless
You got to go for the gusto but you don't know
About the blood, sweat and fines, end up sitting on the pine
And losing some of yourself to the years past gone by
Hopefully it don't manifest for the wrong guy
Egomaniac and the brainiac don't know how to act
Fall down, lay flat on your back
NBA gangster mack signed the deal, thinks he's gonna make a mil'
But never will 'til he falling over
Still filling your head with fantasies
Come with me, show the sacrifice it takes to make the cheese
You wanna be a flop superstar in the biz?
And take **** from people who don't know what it is
I wish it was all fun and games but the price of flops is high
And some can't play like Battier
Still trapped in what you floppin' about
Tell me what happened when you lost clout
The route you took started collapsing
No fans, no fame, no respect, no change, no women
And everybody ****s on your game

[Chorus x2]

[Norega talking]
People see flopstars, younawhaI'msayin?
But you still...try'na...get out more like, like everybody else
It's a fun job, but it's still a job
Save your money man, save your money too
NBA career don't last very long, younawhaI'msayin?
I mean...you're lucky in this game too
There's gon' be another cat comin' out
Floppin' like me, fallin' like me, next year I know this
They'll be a flipside, do whatchu you do
Somebody'll try to spin off like some series

[Sen Dog]
You ever have big dreams of makin' real cream?
Big shot, charge taker on the mainstream
You wanna look like an MVP, in this league
Play good D and ignore the fatigue
You wanna have big fame, let me explain
What happens to these refs and their small brains
First they get played like all damn day
Long as you sell the call everything will be O.K.
Then you get dissed by the media and fans
Things never stay the same way they began
I heard that some never get fined like Griffin
Others deal with the flop fines they are given
Think everything's fine in the big time
See me at the FT line with my head held high
So you wanna fall far and flop large?
It ain't all that goes with bein' a flopstar

[Chorus x2]

My own son don't know me
I'm chillin' in the locker room lonely
But I thank God I'm with my homies
But sometimes I wish I was back home
But only no radio or video didn't show me
No love, the phony, gotta hit the hardwood slowly
So “no flopping” gets pushed by Stern
But some floppers never seem to learn
And the press say that my own teammates disown me
And the best way back is to keep your head straight
Never flop like D-Wade
You're too worried about shooting Fts and getting paid
You just wanna cling on, swing on, and so on
Go on, fall off, the hoes roll on
'Til the next flop superstar with no shame
Give him a year, he'll be right out the game
The same as the last one who came before him
Gained fame, started gettin' ignored, I warned him
Assured him, this ain't easy take it from Weezy
Sleezy people wanna be so cheesy, the ****in' lethal
"Assassins, assassins"

[Chorus x2]

Didn't know what to do with those last few lines lol.


09-09-2013, 12:14 AM
By remix I thought you meant an actual remix. Came in prepared to lol, leaving prepared to neg.

edit: and this is the fuking edited version on top of that, I will shiit down your throat.

09-09-2013, 12:23 AM
By remix I thought you meant an actual remix. Came in prepared to lol, leaving prepared to neg.

edit: and this is the fuking edited version on top of that, I will shiit down your throat.http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/18zl354chvbwrgif/original.gif

09-09-2013, 12:26 AM
lol love this gif