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07-13-2013, 10:14 PM
Hello community, For the past three weeks I've really been dedicated to solving this riddle of cutting and further understanding how my own body works. I've been serious into weight lifting since 08. I've worked out countless hours making gains predominately strength gains. To be honest its easier to do if your not really concerned with dieting, however at the same time I've eaten mostly healthy I stay away from processed, high trans-fats, and above all whole nutritious foods. Frankly, now I just don't like what I see in the mirror regardless and this is my fault for enacting the 'see it and eat it' diet when I power lifting. My questions are is what is the baseline caloric intake for someone of 198 or everyday caloric intake? From reading various articles I have been doing deficit but I've been gradually increase it currently I drop between 200-300 calories a day, putting my around 1850-1950 (is this too low?). I try very hard to maintain my protein intake to be close or over 200 but usually I end up btw 165-196 grams of protein while carbs is between 125-187 grams. My fat ratio is usually between 15-20% of my total daily caloric value (I've been very good at maintaining that value so far). Is what I'm doing in the right way of going about this? I also feel that I can't ever get enough to eat to fulfill my macro requirements, not without eating my wife and I out of house and home, how many calories should I aim for for each meal and also I lessen my amount of carbs as the day progresses. On my training I've recently adopted doing a 4 day split because I've done power-lifting for last year, so it focuses more on shorter recovery intervals (no more than 2 mins btw sets), 3 to 4 sets pending what day it is with set that start from 12 descending to 6 with as much weight as possible for each set. I forgot to mention that I do cardio (running) btw 15-20 mins twice a week. Lastly I'm an ectomorph if that is something that needs to be known.Sorry if this is too much info but any insight will be much appreciated thanks...

07-13-2013, 10:33 PM
My eyes hurt. :(

Anyway, your calories are pretty low. I'm 50 lbs less than you, do no cardio, sedentary, and yet I'm cutting at 1700 kcal.

Did you come up with your macros by ratios? If so, scratch it. These are minimums:
Protein = body weight in lbs x 0.8g
Fats = body weight in lbs x 0.4
Carbs = whatever you want.

The last two links in my signature will give you more info. Check them out.

07-13-2013, 10:49 PM
Sorry about that, I have a very hard time just getting to the bare bones of my question for some reason. Well there was a Macro calculator on the site I used. For a base line calculation for caloric daily value for me was 3.5k plus for maintenance, and I felt that was too high considering I was eating that much already before hand, with not cardio. Thanks I'll check out your links...