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Advice for which supplements are best for beginning women

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Thats very vague. What are your goals? What is your diet like?

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My goal is to get lean and tone I have cellulite that is stubborn. I was dieting for a while and now try to eat sensibly

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By Brandon Gilmore

In my dark lurkings across bodybuilding forums, I have noticed a disturbing trend among new posters – a complete lack of understanding regarding effective supplement usage. Thanks to various influences, people are beginning bodybuilding and thinking they have to use X or Y product with so many churros at a particular time of the day in order to make any kind of progress. With all the good information scattered amongst the weeds, the confusion is understandable. With this posting, I hope to consolidate some of the good information in a very basic way that beginners can understand and use as a foundation for more advanced supplementation further down the road. So, let’s begin with the fundamental question:

Do I Need to Use Supplements?

No. You don’t need to. Ever. Your nutrition and training are going to be THE major contributors to your success. Supplements can add a bit of an edge, but are largely worthless if your diet and training aren’t solid. So before you begin supplement use, I recommend checking out the stickied threads (the titles start with “Sticky”) for each of these sections:

Nutrition: Nutrition - Bodybuilding.com Forums
Workout: Workout Programs - Bodybuilding.com Forums
Exercise: Exercises - Bodybuilding.com Forums

Yes, it’s a lot to read. Yes, you’re going to take a while to firmly understand all of it. Yes, I expect you to stop reading this until you know the above threads like the back of your hand and have been making consistent progress for months. So go on. This will still be here when you’re ready.

So, if you’ve come to this paragraph, I’m hoping you’re somewhat more swole than you used to be, and have that meal timing notion out of your head (oh, so you didn’t read the stickies? Go back and read them noob). So with that, let’s move on to

The Staples

Protein – Since you’ve read the stickies (I will strike the fear of God into you if you haven’t), I’m sure you’re meeting your protein goals already. Maybe you’re using protein powder. Maybe not. You don’t have to change what you’re doing either way (as long as most of your protein is still from food). Protein powder merely adds a level of convenience if you don’t always have the time or means to cook. Your gains will be the same whether you get the crap from Wal-Mart, or you get something amazing like XF Ultra Peptide 2.0 (oh no, fat content…I’m going off IIFYM here). So, just get something you like the taste and texture of. I personally like Myofusion and UP 2.0. Whatever floats your boat here.

Multivitamin – I’m not going into the specifics of vitamin forms here. You can read about that here: Multivitamin Info Thread - Bodybuilding.com Forums If you read through that, you can ascertain that some vitamins are just plain crap. I’ll keep it simple here and give you my recommendations. On a budget, I like Life Force by Source Naturals. For a higher income bracket, Orange Triad (the joint and digestive complexes are nice additions). If you’re Money McRichBags, you can grab Ortho Core. Ortho Core is like a nice shiny Ferrari. But I digress.

Some things to note: Make sure there is no added iron, unless you’re a woman or a vegetarian. And if your urine turns neon yellow, it’s fine. It’s from the B vitamins. You aren’t dying. Maybe.

Fish Oil –I’m sure you’ve read a million forwarded emails saying fish oil is awesome. Yea, it is. But make sure you aren’t using crap. What you want to worry about is the EPA/DHA content. You want anywhere between 2-3 grams COMBINED of EPA/DHA daily. You’ll get a good concentration of this from Now Ultra Omega 3 (great on a budget), or Controlled Labs Oximega (the coating reduces fish burps).

Creatine – Don’t tell your mom I’m recommending steroid. No, seriously, don’t. Creatine isn’t a steroid, and you shouldn’t expect results from it as though it were. In short, creatine increases ATP production and water retention WITHIN THE MUSCLE CELL. A lot of people get scared of water retention, but it’s not going to make you look fat here. It will make the muscle larger. Who doesn’t want that? But what kind should you take? Creatine monohydrate. Get it from Allmax, Optimum Nutrition, whatever sells pure creatine mono in bulk at a cheap price (make sure the source is Creapure for quality).

Once you have that, take 5 grams every day, whenever you want, for a month. After about a month, you’ll be saturated and can take it just on workout days. You don’t need to take it with carbs or anything (although my stomach hates me when I take it without food). Saturation is saturation. You have creatine in you once you’re saturated. Dextrose isn’t going to help you maintain what you already have.
As far as loading, that’s also unnecessary. The creatine won’t be any more effective, you’ll run out sooner, and you’ll experience that bloating that people hate so much.

Now, you’ll see other creatine forms out there. Some are fine. Some are crap. Don’t buy into them right now. Any reported increase in effectiveness is probably not worth it when you’re spending a lot more money for MONTHS less of product. Don’t worry about it at the moment.

Preworkout – This is as “advanced” as I’m taking my recommendations here. There are a ridiculous amount of preworkouts on the market with a whole mixed bag of ingredients. I’m not interested in controversy (in this post, I’ll do it elsewhere), so I’ll just give my recommendations here. This is merely what I have used. I know there are a lot of things I haven’t used or am about to try.

Stimulant based – Coffee (seriously), White Flood (new formula), Superpump Max, SAN Fierce (have yet to try, but the feedback is too good to leave out).

Stim Free – Pump Bol, MAN Clout, Agmatine Sulfate

Every time you finish a bottle of a stimulant based pre (or are drinking multiple cups of coffee), I recommend stopping ALL stimulant use. Coffee, tea, soda, preworkout, caffeine pills, whatever. For 3 weeks or so. Take a stim free pre or nothing at all. Whatever. When you come back to stimulants, you’ll need a lot less than you left off at.

Water – I can’t stress the importance of this (especially if you take creatine). Get AT LEAST one gallon of water per day. If you constantly sip water throughout the day, it actually ends up being pretty easy. I manage to drink over half a gallon during a workout alone. Your body cannot perform basic metabolic processes without this. And in my experience, stimulants (and everything else) are far more effective with adequate water intake.

So this concludes my not so little post. I hope you’ve come out of this with a lot more knowledge and less of a hit on your wallet. If you’ve followed the linked threads before following my supplement advice, you’ll do very well. Never forget the basics, and keep pressing on toward the goal.

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Well one supplement I know that is specifically marketed towards dummies is bio-gro by iSatori