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06-18-2013, 09:28 PM
First and foremost without pumping anyone so this doesn't look like an ad , higher end protein powders do " work " better. Now to define work , if your taking a absorption and conversation approach then the work in that previous sentence does in fact apply. However, to address the most common reason people start supplementing protein powders into there gaining regimen ,,, well in fact is the gaining end of it. You may be the exception to the rule but most people cannot afford to supplement at the high level it takes for an extreme hard gainer to gain real weight using top shelf protein. Now some may differ than me but that would be 5 50g protein shakes a day on top of 3 sizable meals and snacks. For the average ( skinny) joe that can run into a lot of money. Really and truly opinions my vary but I cant say that the bump in quality is really worth it.

Ive been a personal trainer , a npc competitive bodybuilder ( state level) , and done nutritional and diet plans for MMA fighters , bodybuilders, and the average joe. Not saying im the foremost expert on sports supplementation but I know what works. And gnc and every other supplement company may roll over and kill me for saying that the uptake and "effect" higher end protein powders have over run of the mill cheap by the jug bluelight special is marginal for the average person looking to build size. When dealing with specialized athletes ( bodybuilders, wrestlers, boxers, and so on) weight and body composition becomes more of an exact science so if the budget is there opt for better.

To many people get hooked on what brand or what the latest fad may be but often overlook obvious. If your already taking pill supplementation ( vitamins, creatine, efa's, and whatever laundry list of things you may be taking to meet requirements) why not opt for bulk over I higher quality shake you may only take in 1-2 times per day. Ive just never seemed to get over some peoples inescapable fixation on only using BRAND A over Brand B and forgetting that its about meeting goals not the latest fad. Quality can come later when your done with college or when you get that big raise lose the hookup and push weight ( figurative and litterly )

First article ive thrown on here , just was thinking about it from a client today.

Food for thought

Great board by the way yall, im new to it.

06-18-2013, 09:47 PM
This doesn't make much sense I mean I know what you're saying but if people have money why not buy quality? If you don't have the money then you don't need to pay for the quality it's pretty simple. I mean either way you're probably getting the same calories which is correct but one is just a little more quality then the other its the persons choice on which to buy right? Thats why their are cheap protein powder and pricey powders.

06-19-2013, 03:56 PM
I re-read what I wrote and your right , the message however I was trying to convey is weither is "gear" protein or other suppilments way to many people overlook proper dosage and dietary requirements and blame lack of gains on what there taking instead of the quantity of what is being taken. just a moment I was taking to voice a pet pieve I guess . People love to make excuses forget the basics I suppose , thanks for the response always like positive discussion .. be cool ! :o)