View Full Version : Hockey brahs, have some questions (goalie related)

05-29-2013, 02:46 PM
Played goalie back when I was 10 and everyone was my size lol. Always loved the position and just recently in my schools gym class we've been playing floor hockey in which I've been goalie.

I know that ice and floor hockey are massively different (I've played both) but the kids that play AAA hockey are coming up to me telling me I'm pretty good in net after posting shutouts or low scoring games (usual scores are over 10 goals, I've only had one game with 10 goals on me after pretending to be Dominik Hasek and rolling all over lol.


1. It isn't common for someone my height to be goalie, but should I still go out and play in some beer league? Clearly too old, not good enough and not big enough to go anywhere with hockey lol
2. How much should I expect to put out for my gear? (would probably buy used unless that's unrecommended)
3. If I do play and get a blank mask, should I get a picture of Bert painted on?

Made a thread on the misc a few days ago about this.