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05-08-2013, 09:34 PM
Hi guys, I have been bulking for about 1-2months so far.
I am hitting my macro's and calories pretty good, but just want to make sure my diet is healthy and good in micronutrients.

I am in a small calorie surplus so far and will increase once my weight or lifts come to a stall, anyway heres everything.

2500calories (cardio every 2nd day so 2800calories every 2nd day)

Macro's C 315/ F 69-77/ P 150-170

This is not the meal plans I have every day but it will give you a good idea.

Breakfast - 100g Oats /2 scoops protein powder mixed.

Go to gym

Post workout - 6 weetbix / 50g natural peanut butter (100% peanuts) / 200g banana's / 20g natural honey / 1 scoop casein mixed with abit of almond milk as a chocolate sauce.


Post Cardio - 2 slices multi grain bread with 40g nutella


Dinner - 300g Hormone free chicken / 300g brokoli or any veggies too cook with it / 15ml sweet chilli sauce (optional if I have left over calories)

Before bed - 15ml virgin olive oil / 3 fish oils / 2 ZMA's / multi vitamin

I know theres not alot of veggies in there, but I really enjoy eating this food, my saturated fats are not high at all (roughly 15g-20g saturated fats per day) and no trans.
just wondering if I would be getting enough micronutrients.


05-08-2013, 09:35 PM
And I have x2 green Tea's with some almond milk (not that it effects my macro's much xD)

05-08-2013, 09:54 PM
1. There's nothing wrong with saturated fat/fats, they're actually beneficial.
2. You could use more veggies, if you're worried about "getting enough micronutrients".
2. You actually "enjoy" nutella? Chit is nasty IMO.

05-08-2013, 10:03 PM
Yeah I have read saturated fats and cholesterol health risks are abit of a myth.

And yeah I quite like nutella, I only just recently started having it since I upped my calories.

But yeah, just making sure my diet is acceptable even though I am hitting macro's + calories.