View Full Version : Advice on Supplements for Wildland Firefighting

05-01-2013, 10:36 PM
Hello Guys:

I was wondering if the sage members of this website could give me some advice on some supplements that I may take with me on wildland firefighting deployments?

This will be my first season deploying.

I'm thinking about taking daily multivitamins (Nature Made - Maximin Pack)
and some creatine (GNC-Creatine Plus).

Basically, I'm looking for supplements that will help in the recovery process after a grueling day, but will also help in endurance and strength during the working day.

Generally, to my understanding, a typical deployment period on the line is 14 days (with up-to 20hr shifts, consisting of a lot of manual labor).

I'm of average aerobic conditioning, as of now, but I've definitely pumped up my training regimen (both with Insanity workouts and runs/long hikes).

As far as what I've heard, from the old-hands that come to our classes, the guys that make it out on deployment, that last for the long-haul physically, are the guys that have tip-top aerobic fitness.

They also suggest avoiding caffeine, as it will only cause you to dehydrate quicker (and thus exasperate the effects of heat exhaustion), so, please keep that in mind with your suggestions.

So, I'm basically looking for an edge until my conditioning reaches a proficient or excellent level. Once there, I will keep taking the supplements, but won't "lean" on them as much to help carry me through.


05-01-2013, 10:38 PM
I bet you guys can take protein powder.

Probably not a lot of other supplements that would be useful. Maybe some protein bars or high protein snacks like beef jerkey or trail mix.