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04-24-2013, 11:05 PM
Hi guys,

I wasnt sure on where to post this in what section so here goes

****story first****

Im 33 and well I was a fatty but I have been busting my ass at the gym 3-4 times a week and basketball twice a week,

I dont eat junk food at all anymore and I have been eating heLthier howevrr I wad wondering if I can get some advice on nkt hitting plateau and still want to drop weight... is there a spefic food I should be eating or time of day.... training days I havd protein and try and have tuna or somethibg with protein for lunch...

Is there any supplement that can help im jusg wanting advice if you can help it would be fantasrtic

My end goal is I want to do powerlifting not professional just for myself

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04-24-2013, 11:11 PM
If you want to power lift, go pick up some weights, put them down, and pick them back up again.

Find some heavier weights, repeat.