View Full Version : UK brahs tell me which protein shake to get and where from

03-03-2013, 10:36 AM
I got Myofusion last time but need to experiment a bit I feel. About to place order tonight so please recommend one and a good retailer? Whats this Gold Whey I see a lot of? is it any good..

03-03-2013, 11:39 AM
Nutrisport 90+ - in a 5kg bucket. Chocolate and banana are OK, I didn't like vanilla or strawberry/raspberry

It's also a whey/casein mix so you can mix it up really thick and put it in the fridge to set like a pudding.

03-03-2013, 12:05 PM
New myofusion blend!

03-08-2013, 01:52 PM
Thanks guys repped...will look into these still not ordered yet so anyone want to input about Gold Whey?

Really need to get back to lifting feel like I'm wasting away here :/

03-08-2013, 11:09 PM
At the moment myofusion elite, but in a few weeks trutein will be available so id say wait ;)

03-09-2013, 03:10 AM
Myprotein have really let me down recently with delivery. :(

03-09-2013, 03:20 AM
Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey won the product of the year in all categories last year, and a lot of people love it. I use it and it tastes great. Cheap and quick on eBay.