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01-22-2013, 09:48 AM

I'm new to this forum and and have been reading everything I can find about intermittent fasting and how I can apply it to my own schedule/lifestyle. With few to compare it to, I was wondering if I could run this by you all for advice or -- if this is not appropriate venue -- direction.

Little background info on myself: 22 year old recent college grade, 5'10" around 180lbs, benching reps at 175 (my 180lbs is mostly beer weight). I've been 180 my whole life -- playing ball in High School, sacrificing the strength in college for a gut, maintaining that gut after college with Mom's home-cooked (and carb heavy) meals. This new diet has come about on mainly 2 things: 1.) I'm moved out of Mom's place so I can cut down on all the extra food around my house and 2.) I'm not usually hungry during office hours at my new job. I've returned to a pretty regular workout schedule and now just looking to trim the fat.

Normally, my days go like this:
7am - 4:30pm: Work, consuming coffee (black) and using lunch to finish errands/type this post
4:30pm - 6pm: Gym for about an hour, lifting moderately heavy (chest-shoulders day, arms-back day, etc) after taking C4 before I leave the office. I haven't been running like I used to but will include as I get a better idea of what my diet is.
6pm - 7pm: Cook and eat dinner (maybe around 1700-2000 calories; lightly salted, no sweets, try to avoid carbs)
7pm - 11pm: Relax, drink water, maybe snack but often I'm too full.
11pm - 7am: Sleep

Basically, I've been on an IF diet (19 hours) without taking my fasting times into account. Is this healthy? I know you're supposed to eat 3 meals, but I can't imagine fitting in any more unless it was a very light snack right before I lift. I'm also not hungry until about an hour after I lift. What about whey protein shakes? Can I fit them in this schedule somehow?

ANY feedback is appreciated and while I want to maximize the results of this diet, I don't want to change my day drastically. I want to get in shape as fast as possible but at the same time, want to view this realistically. Thank you for your responses/constructive criticism and am more than willing to share more information.

01-22-2013, 10:00 AM
IF is an eating schedule which may or may not increase dietary compliance. There is no magic to fasting.

If you keep your calories and macros equivalent, there will be no difference in results between IF and a standard non-fasting plan.

01-22-2013, 10:31 AM
Why you "trying to avoid carbs"?

01-22-2013, 11:19 AM
Martin discourages that kind of routine and says so on his blog. I couldn't imagine working all day then working out and not eating anything until post workout. Coffee or not that seems intense and something you don't need to do. If it works for you then that's one thing. I will eat one preworkout meal that will be around 20% of my daily total, just like protocol says.

01-22-2013, 12:20 PM
jimsmith9999 -- So from a "healthy" standpoint, are you saying that I could receive the benefits of "dieting" because I cut down my total calorie intake? From 3 meals of about 1000 calories to just 1 meal with 2000?

AlwaysTryin -- I associate carbs with the rice, breads, and pasta my family eats. It's like comfort food, so if I find myself eating rice, for example, I end up eating too much and pass out. I understand the benefits of carbs but it won't kill me to cut it out of my mealplan and I eat enough (especially on weekends) to keep me alive.

TeamCHRISTOPHER -- Would a pre-workout whey protein shake be appropriate for pre-workout? I want to fit it in somewhere and I don't want to be eating a meal at my desk come clock-out time. Also, when I take the C4 supplement I'm usually "full" until an hour after my workout... if I eat and take C4, for example, I sometimes get nauseous. All in all, if I were to go forward with my plan, could I expect results?

Thank you again!