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01-19-2013, 03:33 PM

OKC? Well OKC goes as goes Durant/Westbrook! Can they stay focused through out Western Playoffs? Can they not get caught up in trying to Call the GAME? Attitude is lousy for these two. Durant, use to be not only a Great Player, but this seaon? Well, Durant called Kobe a bad name to the Media, Durants body language,shows ” I am GREAT, and I am MAD!POUT!POUT! So, easily could Durant become a D.Rose,Ricky Rubio??? He needs a “sit down talk” with Scott Brooks. If a Player starts believing his is GREAT and better than any other player???Well, that GREAT Player has just taken his first step backwards! Seen it before. Can Durant, deal with the Media and does he not only read how Great he is, but does he now, THINK,:( I AM be the best)!! Duncan, never, Nash, never, even LBJ,never, Kobe has learned and MJ, well he had help, but never gave the help (Scottie Peppin)credit. It was all the GREAT MJ. He would not be call GREAT in todays Basketball market, a new type of game. Kobe learned to just play. So many Great Players in the NBA, No room for Players that spout off to the Media, POUT! Just one bad play and they could have their great Career ended. So, best to be thankful and stay HUMBLE!! OKC will have to deal with the best deciplined Basketball team, the SPURS! I am not a Spurs fan, BUT, got to give them their dues, they are a team that has staying power!!!West will have a better playoff than the Championship. Heat run hot/cold. Pacers, just having a Hot streak, Atl. Well they are just Average. Clippers, are just not proven to go if necessary 7 games, maybe more than once! Grizzles, GSW. Same, can play one or two good games, but under the pressure to maybe play 7??????Rockets, good, but off and on,PDX, out after 1st round, IF they make playoffs. OKC will meet the SPURS!

Makes comments on WSHH videos look like the work of Shakespeare.

01-19-2013, 03:37 PM
dafuq did i just read

01-19-2013, 03:40 PM