View Full Version : I read The Secret Race by Tyler Hamilton

09-21-2012, 10:25 AM
I was in Barnes & Noble and browsed through a copy of The Secret Race. Well, this book is hard to put down! So I bought it, and read it in two days. Hamilton goes into deep detail about pro cycling's doping and corruption. The book includes extensive footnotes by co-author Dan Coyle. Of course, Armstrong's army will claim The Secret Race is a novel, pure fiction (at least the parts about Armstrong!). But, now I think Lance is starting to look ridiculous with his doping denials, especially since many of his teammates have confessed. I do sympathize with Armstrong a bit. It's much harder for him to confess because he is Lance the Legend, a household name. But then again, the longer these denials continue, the more he appears to be Lance the Farce, IMO.