View Full Version : some tips please?

09-18-2012, 04:44 PM
hi :) im 20 years old and im currently 16 stone 4...i'm 6foot 2 inches and play a lot of sports mainly rugby. I decided recently I want to get rid of the excess flab Im currently carrying and get more toned. The weight im carrying seems to be mainly in my belly region (cant say I was a healthy eater or non-drinker when I was younger!) as my arms are not flabby in any way nor are my legs which are quite toned. Ive recently cut potatoes, soft drinks, junk food and white bread amongst other things from my daily diet in order to lose the wieght im carrying and develop it into muscle. Roughly how much weight should I aim to lose before I start more rigorous cardio to develop my abs and lifting weights to bulk my muscle rather than fat? Any tips on diet plans or training schedules would greatly be appreciated, thanks!