View Full Version : Cheat Meals

08-24-2012, 05:45 PM
Hi, I'm currently cutting for a competition in October, macros are about 43%carb 16%Fat 41% protein for a workout day, I involve two high carb days as well, carbs increased by about 100% and calories to maintenance.

Now I understand that a cheat meal once a week can positively effect a cut, shocks the body a bit. However on such a low fat diet, a cheat meal for me can go way over my daily fat intake and leave me with little carbs and protein left for the day.

My question is: If a cheat meal obliterates your macros for the day, should you still eat further meals that are planned in your diet in the day, skip meals, or still have more relaxed "cheat" like meals for the day (what I mean is would sticking to my diet after a cheat meal even do anything).