View Full Version : What must I do to become popular in the MISC>>SPORTS Forum?

08-11-2012, 03:04 PM
I represent Massachusetts, born and raised. I am looking forward to football and basketball and hockey this year.. I am disappointed with the Red Sox but I know management will fix the team and in a few years we will be bake on top!

So this brings me to my question in the title.. I see trolls trolling the board about how KOBE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LeBron. KNICKS R BAKE. BRAVES>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MLB. And if KINGCANUCK wasnt BANNED, we would have millions of threads about Toronto..

What must I do to aware the Sports MISC that I represent Massachusetts teams to the fullest and that nothing you can say can make me change my mind that we have the best football team, we have a darkhorse NBA team, we have a young and talented NHL team, BRB Later on RED SOX diagnostics... I want to get the word out. What must I do to become popular like businesslawbrah, Masstastic (whom is not a troll but the most knowledgeable in most sports topics), lastchancetowin, kingcanuck, knicksrbake, gswarrior, etc????

Tell me and I will do your bidding!!

(not srs)

(a little srs)