View Full Version : Body Transformation farce

08-03-2012, 08:15 AM
So I spent a lot time reading transformations of the week for motivation and perspective, then realized that either I do not understand or the numbers are really skewed. First of all 4 out of 5 people seemed to be exactly 6'0"tall, ironic. But that isn't what got me its the LBM numbers.

Eg. Before 6'0" 260 20% body fat vs after 190lbs 10% Body fat
- this equals a LBM of 209 vs 171....is it me or has lean body mass really going to change by almost 30lbs in 6 months.
- or it works the other way. Eg. Before 230 @ 35% BF vs 200 @ 5%. That is a LBM of 150 vs 190 in six months. Essentially losing fat while putting on 40 "good"pounds

Of course I am genralizing and the stories are motivational, but it was hard to gauge your own possibilities by the numbers. Did this bother anyone else? It also seemed to me like the weight loss articles I read saying 1.5lbs to 2lbs weight loss is the sweet spot and takes a lot of dedication. Many tend to agree on those numbers for their neighbour, because they post their weight loss goals in the 4-5lb range....

Just a couple observations from late night reading... Probably triggered by the fact that I have lost over 30lbs at around 2lbs per month and my LBM has barely changed.... Either I'm normal or abnormal for that....