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08-02-2012, 01:20 PM
I know when you go from cutting to bulking you have to increase calories slowly (about 200 calories a week) until you get up to your bulking calories. I'm currently eating 2200 calories a day in the prime of my cut, and I'll increase 200 calories a week until I get up to 3500. Is the time that you spend increasing calories beneficial at all? I feel like I'll neither be losing fat nor gaining muscle during this 6 week period that it is gonna take me to get up to 3500 calories. Is the ONLY benefit of this method to keep off fat? Would it be better to save 6 weeks time, and just jump to 3500 calories over night?

Same question goes for transitioning into cutting. According to that method, the average person would spend 12 weeks (3 months) total throughout the year just transitioning from both cutting to bulking and vice versa. Is it really worth it?

08-02-2012, 03:58 PM
Cut->Bulk: Recovery time begins decreasing, energy levels may increase, satiety increases
Bulk->Cut: Recovery time begins increasing, energy levels may decrease, satiety decreases

The smooth calorie transition is mainly to keep from triggering any sudden change response mechanisms the body has, and instead make it realize that this is an intended change to the normal pattern, so that it begins accessing fat stores or building muscle as appropriate. It also helps you find the right stopping point for your increase or decrease in calories with barreling past your goal rate of change.