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08-01-2012, 10:55 AM
I'm trying to cut a bit of weight and bulk... prioritizing weight loss

Every 2.5 hours Meal 1 9am
Toast (98 cals)
3/4 cup of oats (225 cals 4 grams protein)
1 bannana (95cals 20.9 carbs 1.2 grams protein)
5 egg whites 1 yolk (20.7 grams protein)(134cals)
Green tea
total@ 550cals

Meal 2 time (pre-workout) @11.30
Vegetarian burger
Sweet potatoe

Meal 3 time (post-workout) @ 2.00
1 cup cooked Rice (117 cals 24 grams carbs 2grams protein)
Vegetables (118 caleries 24grams carbs 5.2 grams protein)
whey protein

Meal 4 time@ 4.30
Beef, kale, cheese, mustard, brown bread

Meal 5 time@ 7.00
Casein protein
Vegetables (118 caleries 24grams carbs 5.2 grams protein)

Meal 6 time@ 9.30
measure casein
omega 3 + vitamins

Meal 7 time@ 12
Cottage cheese

I'm new to proper nutrition so there is probably a lot wrong here!!

08-01-2012, 11:08 AM
It's better to choose one or the other: cut or bulk. Very hard to do both at the same time, and you will probably end up spinning your wheels unless you are very new to lifting as well.

You should read the stickys at the top of the nutrition form and calculate your TDEE, then either subtract or add 10-20% depending on whether you want to cut or bulk. You do not need to eat 7x a day, but if you enjoy that, then fine. What matters most is total daily caloric and macronutrient intake. Broken down very simply, you should get 1g/lb of bodyweight in protein and 0.35-0.45g/lb of bodyweight in dietary fats. Fill the rest with your preference of foods to meet goals.