View Full Version : calories need and what to eat?

07-17-2012, 06:58 AM
okay i started lifting weights about 3 weeks ago 3 hour per sesion 3 times a week, so i was at 7% body fat before weighted 125 lbs at 5'9 very ripped but to little so when i start to build muscle some king of trainer in gym told me that in order to build muscle i should cut cardio but now i weight 135 lbs bodyfat around 9=10 % and i got fat around lower abs so i need to know can i avoid this? some way staying at low body fat % and still build muscle? and doing cardio i love doing cardio about 2 hours a day it's healthy lol :| so how much calories do i need for now to get fat and build muscle same time

my diet is like this

1 oatmeal or whole wheat bread / 4 egg whites = 350 cal
2 fruits and veggies/cottage cheese = 400
3 50 grams of chocolate/cottage cheese = 400 cal / pre workout
4 250 grams of tuna/cottage cheese - 400 cal
5 whole wheat bread/cheese=350 cal
6 2.5% milk = 520 cal

2500 calories is the limit ( no cardio )

07-17-2012, 08:11 AM