View Full Version : going to start Halotest 25, have a couple questions

06-27-2012, 04:10 PM
Okay so I'm ordering Halotest 25, going to start the cycle.. I have researched everything but just want to make sure what I'm going to do is all right, need advise from the pros like you guys.

Is the best cycle 4 weeks on/ 6 weeks off?
And for the cycle..
Week 1: 50mg
Week 2: 50mg
Week 3: 75mg
Week 4: 75mg
And I've read that its best to take it 1 hour before workout. Do you take both pills (or 3 for the 3rd and 4th week) at the same time? Or 1 later that night too etc..

And for PCT, I've read that Serm Tamixofen is good, as well as Nolvadex, and PCT Maxx... What do you guys prefer?
And as far as taking the PCT..
Week 1: 40mg
Week 2: 20mg
Week 3: 20mg
Week 4: 10mg
And when do you take the PCT? Like morning, before workout, during meal, or at night? All at once? Etc..

And I've read of people using Cortisol DS Lean Extreme? Is that good?

Also, during Halotest, should I be taking anything else during the cycle? Trying to get all the info I can from people that have done it.

Thanks a lot!