View Full Version : Restaurant Dynamics

Barry Bonds
06-24-2012, 07:03 AM
There's a small indy restaurant in my area, has 2 locations. Don't know if it qualifies as an actual health food restaurant. They have salads, fresh sandwiches, ect. I like to get food there, food is good. You can get a great tuna or chicken salad there for what you'd pay for a full meal at McDonalds.

Haven't been in a month or so. A lot of people ride bikes there to eat. But the outside temp has gone up, so no bikers today. I get my salad, tea, and sit down to eat. Wait, wut? It's hot as Hades in the summertime in here.

I look around. Ceiling fans are on. Everyone else is sitting at their tables, eating their sammiches and salads, and sweat is dripping down their foreheads and buttcracks into their salads and thongs. No air conditioning, and it's 95 degrees with 90% humidity. They are as happy as pigs in the slop pen.

Later (after a shower), I meet my wife at a really nice restaurant for dinner. The first thing I notice as we enter the door is that it's probably about 69 degrees inside. Nice.

We sit down to a meal of duck wraps, Blue Crab, and flatbread.

I look around this room. No one is sweating. Talk is a little louder. More smiles.

I check the menu. There's a $40 steak and a $80 glass of whiskey.

Remembering the $6.95 salad and the sweat stains.

I don't know what this says about us as a society.

God bless America.