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06-21-2012, 06:27 AM
I wanted to take the achievements of the great NBA players and see if there was a way to be able to add their achievements up to equal just one number. So heres my crack at it. IMO, the following 5 metrics can be used to judge an NBA player accomplishments (They're all voted on btw).

Finals MVP - Best/Alpha player on the team which wins the championship (except for 1 instance)
MVP - Best/Alpha player who has consistently performed at the highest level (usually goes to a player on a team with a relatively good chance of winning the championship that year)
All NBA first team - Best player at their position during the regular season, but doesn't mean that you were the best player during regular season.
Defensive Player of the Year - Best defensive anchor of the team during regular season
All NBA defensive team - best defensive player at their position during regular season

The main problem is how to go about weighting each metric against another. Clearly Finals MVP holds the most weight, so thats been given a weighting of 1, so heres my reasoning on the weights given to the other metrics
MVPs - Lebron has 3 but nobody (definitely not the haters) will say thats good enough compared to winning 1 finals MVP. So whilst an MVP isn't quite as highly regarded as a finals mvp, having say 4 (Jordan had 5 in his career) would hold quite a bit of weight, I would even say comparable to one finals mvp. So MVP weighting = 0.25.
All NBA first team - More than likely, if you make the NBA first team, you are also one of the top candidates for the MVP award that year. I've given a weighting of 0.125 here, so basically making the All NBA first team 2 years would be similar to winning an MVP one year.
DPOY - DPOY to me is like being the MVP but only taking defence into account (half the game), so I've also weighted this at 0.125 (only adds to Jordans total because no one else that I measured won DPOY other than Jordan)
All NBA defensive team - Same logic applied as with MVP and All NBA first team, so here the value of making the All NBA defensive team is half that of being the DPOY at 0.0625

Metrics which I didn't include (not voted on)
Championships - Team accolades e.g. old man fisher has 5, horry has 10 etc. - finals mvp covers the individual achievement of winning a championship pretty well anyway
Scoring Leader - chuckers gonna chuck

So after applying weightings I got the following

Jordan 9.1875 (GOAT)
Duncan 5.125
Kareem 5.0625
Magic 4.875
Shaq 4.4375
Bryant 4.0625
Bird 3.875
Lebron 1.75 or 2.75 (depending on how heat go tonight)


And if theres any other players that I missed and should check for comparison let me know

06-21-2012, 06:53 AM