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06-17-2012, 06:33 PM
This is in no way a brag thread. This is my first book case, I put it together over the weekend and took pics now and then. This is real basic design that any high school wood shop student could probably do and better. Any constructive criticism is more than welcome.

Thursday night the wife decides we need a book case for storage. I've never built a bookshelf/case before, but had a general idea how to do it.
The other half was threatening an Ikea purchase and I refuse to buy ikea type stuff and I'm not paying for Duc Phan in Thailand to make something i can do myself. Just need a basic case.

Tools used:
18v wireless drill
electric orbital sander
med. wood file
measuring tape
carpenter's square
chop saw
circular saw
hand wire saw

Wood used:

Nothing high speed at all in the way of tools and wood was decent, but is a bit mixed, has been in here for a bit, dry, some pieces were somewhat warped, somewhat beat up.

Friday morning i measured the area where the bookshelf is to go (next to the comp desk) so I could get an idea of what dimensions I was dealing with. My plan was to spend little to no money on this project because I have a pile of scrap pieces and a couple random boards that I needed to put to use anyway. The main piece used was a 10' 1x12 that has been taking up space out in the garage for about a year. Everything else is scrap from previous projects.

I sketched what I wanted on a piece of paper, then looked around on the Internet for plans to get an idea of how to make something good and solid. Books are fairly heavy and I wanted something that could handle the weight, square, level, solid.

Started Friday morning armed with a pile of scrap a 10 minute Google search and a crude design sketched out on a piece of paper. By Friday afternoon I had this:

This is with the case turned over and from the back showing bracing for shelves and overall frame. Each corner is braced. Crude, but effective. This also helped squaring everything up due to using scrap that was slightly warped with age/humidity that really didn't want to be squared.

I had a piece of scrap that already had a decorative routed edge on it from a previous project, so I cleaned it up with the router, trimmed it to fit and used it to dress up the bottom

Saturday. The top looked kind of plain so I used a hand wire saw and cut a decorative V groove in the top

All the visible screws were sunk past the surface and filled in with wood putty for a smooth look when stained. Everything squared/leveled

I hit it with an orbital with 80 grit, then 150, then 220 by hand. Smooth as a trophy wife living next to an electrolysis shop. This is where I was around mid day on Saturday.

During a mid-job clean up, I found a couple wood cradles from curtains/rod on my honeydo list a couple months ago. Started messing around and came up with this as like a design feature/backstop for the top which is going to be more of a place for pen/paper/dvd stack type stuff anyway. One is stained from the project, one isnt. The wife saw it, says it looks like a heart and therefore can't be removed according to female law apparently.

3 coats of relatively light stain and I had to stop. The wood is so dry its sopping up the stain faster than I can brush it on. I went over it again with 220 with the sander, wiped it down again and that lightened everything up a bit and gave a more even tone.

06-17-2012, 06:34 PM
This is everything sanded, stained, and fitted. I used woodstock color stain on the top piece just for a bit of difference. I havent decided if it was a good idea or not yet.

This is where it's at currently. This is one coat of poly. This time I cleaned the whole place out ran a mop and did all the stain/poly with the door closed. The finish looks good. I'll hit it with 000 steel wool tomorrow if it feels right and put another coat of poly on it, maybe 2 and call it done.

Total spent: $4.75. I didn't have the right size screws.

06-17-2012, 06:46 PM
Looks good Man, nice work.