View Full Version : The deets on beets(if anyone cares)

06-15-2012, 10:58 AM
(WARNING-this thread is not a question nor does it have much useful information-read at your own risk of boredom)

well, I straightened up my diet pretty good over the past two weeks, counting all macronutrients, calories etc. I have also been supplementing in full force with numerous stuff. What I was missing though was a good mix of vegetables to eat throughout the day. I had also remembered reading an article that explained a number of interesting vegetables that can add greatly to a healthy diet and one of them was beets. I am also a fan of the show The Office, so i thought I'd give it a gander.
Well beets actually taste pretty good(to me at least) so I managed to eat an entire fresh beat over the course of 5 minutes.
the same night, I took a massive protein **** and I looked back to see the beaut I had created this time and everything was red. I was like " OH FU%K, all these supplements are probably destroying my kidneys and liver and spleen!!(I don't know anatomy and i was panicking). I thought maybe it would go away, but the next day I took another sheet, and everything was still red and I thought I was going to die.
Beets make your **** and urine a redish pinky color.
SO to make a long story short(south park ref) if ya eat beets you is gonna piss and poo red. this can be your fun fact for the day.