View Full Version : If you could say one thing to B. A. Baracus, what would it be?

06-01-2012, 05:39 PM
Just in case I ever meet him.

06-01-2012, 05:44 PM
How did an idiot like him get a Bachelor's ?

06-01-2012, 05:51 PM
I'd ask him if he changed his name from Clubber Lang to B.A. Baracus because he could never live down pushing that guy and making him die of a heart attack.

06-01-2012, 05:54 PM
Why do you always fall for the sleeping pill in the cookie trick???

06-01-2012, 05:56 PM
How did an idiot like him get a Bachelor's ?

It's in the arts though, so it doesn't count.


06-01-2012, 06:19 PM
When the plan came together, did you really love it too?

06-01-2012, 07:58 PM
I pity that fool.

Mr. T Releases 'Pity List '86' (1986)

Mr. T Pities A Great Many Fools This Year

January 27, 1986: At a packed press conference at the Four Seasons Hotel Sunday, actor and former bodyguard Mr. T released his official 1986 Pity List. "Ladies and gentlemen of the press," Mr. T said, "I pity a great many fools this year." Pausing to don his reading glasses, the hot-tempered star of Rocky III and The A-Team then began slowly, methodically reciting the list of pitied fools, presented in descending order of degree of pity deserved.


06-01-2012, 07:58 PM
Don't call me a fool, bitch.

06-01-2012, 08:04 PM
Hey dude,have you ever considered cooking lessons?