View Full Version : Post NBA Players Who are Perfect Fits for Their Team or Would be Perfect for Another

05-29-2012, 07:34 PM
any analysis/ insight is encouraged. can be stars or role players

tony parker- spurs
So much of their game is based on dribble penetration and no one does it better than tony. defense has to collapse on him since he's a great finisher, but also has the ability to find open teammates

rajon rondo- celtics
Efficient distributor to teammates who can get to their spots and expect the ball to come in. also, a one man fast break for an aging team that needs more fast break points

steve novak- heat
Prime-time 3pt shooter who can knock down open 3's as well as contested ones. Basically a more reliable mike miller who can space the floor and be counted upon to shoot well.

shane battier- heat
Defensive specialist who takes on the challenge of guarding the opposing team's best player when he's in the game and allows lebron/wade to conserve their energy for offense

dwight howard- clippers
Would be much more potent on offense with cp3 at the helm (obviously) and cp3 is the best at working the pg- big man combo.

ty lawson- lakers (stretch)
I've been impressed with lawson over the last couple years. his shot has improved a lot, he can shoulder an offensive load and also a 1 man fast break. i'm so sick of watching the lakers struggle finding a pg. brb wasting 10 seconds of the shot clock or forced turnover trying to get the ball to kobe or bricking open 3's

more to come