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05-08-2012, 08:45 PM
After a long and hard time through parts of fall and all of winter, I want to get back into my summer shape. I was 160/165 last summer and was between 14-16% bf.

Goal: Cut down to 160/165 and reach 14-15%

Just began counting macros using IIFYM today with the help of myfitnesspal.com. Previously counted calories only.

Stats: 19 y/o, 5'10", 174.8 lbs., 21.5% BF.

Trained shoulders, 7 exercises for that.
Cardio: 22 min, between 3.5-7, 1.7 miles, 222 "cals burned"

Nutrition using IIFYM and 40 protein/40 carb/20 fat cutting split

BREAKFAST: Nugo Smarte Carb Protein Bar, 170 kcal, 20p/19c/5f
LUNCH: Subway - 12" Oven Roasted Chicken Breast (9-Grain Wheat, No Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Pickles): 640 kcal, 46p/92c/10f
PRE-WORKOUT: MusclePharm Assault, 80 kcal, 0p/18c/0f
POST-WORKOUT: Gaspari MyoFusion, 150 kcal, 24p/9c/2f & Banana, 105 kcal, 1p/27c/0f
SNACK: Tabouleh Salad (1/2 cup), 75 kcal, 2p/8c/2f & 6 oz grilled chicken breast, 39p/0c/2f
DINNER: 6 oz grilled chicken breast, 39p/0c/2f, 2 slices Colby Jack cheese, 10p/0c/14f & fiber one veggie garden wrap, 80 kcal, 14p/28c/6f

TOTALS: 1,900 calories... 195 g protein, 201 g carbs, 43 g fat. Macro goals set at 203/203/44.

Also, I have 132 calories "remaining" based on cardio since MFP's given total of 1,810 was added onto by the 222 burned.

How does this look for macro counting... am I on the right track to lose 2 lbs/ wk. and burn body fat??? Rep to best answer(s) of course and as always much appreciated for the help!

05-08-2012, 09:02 PM
Alright, probably want to up fats. .4-.5 per lb bodyweight is a pretty good starting point. I'm same height as you and weigh probably 160ish right now. I can easily cut on 2250-2350ish range. You can eat a variety of foods that you enjoy. Foods that fill you up. I don't see any fruit and not much veggies. Have you looked over the stickies? There's several good reads and links. I'd stick with numbers instead of ratios, I think it's easier and less to worry about. 2 lbs a week may be a little much, maybe not, I would slow down though. It may be beneficial for you to even slow bulk and put on some muscle instead than consider cutting, depending on your body of course. I would recommend read more and continue learning you seem to be on the right track though, good luck with everything.

05-09-2012, 12:57 AM
wait so in the last 12 months you have made zero progress?

05-09-2012, 02:21 AM
Ditch ratios
More fat

05-09-2012, 02:55 AM
What's your TDEE? 1900Kcal seems quite low for a 19yr old 175lb male.

05-09-2012, 11:27 PM
@ miacanesfan25 Thank you very much... have seen the stickies, need to make time to read them. Yeah, I decided since I was serious about what I was doing, I don't necessarily need to go as hardcore as I did in originally did in losing 70 lbs (since I lost a TON of muscle), just that I needed to be more smart with it. At 1900 I'm set to 203 carb-203 protein-44 fat, will definitely look into upping it. I actually surprisingly felt better and lost more weight eating 1900 and meeting my macros than I did today but not... felt more sluggish and slow. Also definitely lowering my rate. Thanks for your reply, repped.

@jonaire Absolutely not!! Over a year ago I was 226 pounds and 35+% body fat lol. Since fall, however, I've been on and off with everything, and there's been a horrendous lack of consistency, especially with my diet, as I'm a commuting college student which makes it really tough, especially when my focus is my classes. I stayed about the same, so yes almost none. In the past month I have been definitely seeing differences & getting stronger.

@AlwaysTrying Thanks, do you mean ratios like 40/40/20 and instead do numbers to meet instead? Thanks, repped.

@germaine07 It seems EXTREMELY low... but MFP takes TDEE into account and then gives those numbers, I believe? My TDEE is 3,374, while my BMR is 1,817. I feel as if something is wrong with what I'm doing now. Could you help me figure this out?? Thanks, repped.

05-09-2012, 11:36 PM
OP for total calories, how much have you been eating?
That is your maintenance, regardless of whatever any calculator says.
Start eating about 15% less than this.

Then you need 1-1.5g/lb in protein and .4-.5g/lb in fat, rest can be carbs.

05-09-2012, 11:39 PM
@ @AlwaysTrying Thanks, do you mean ratios like 40/40/20 and instead do numbers to meet instead? Thanks, repped.

yes don't use ratios like that, requirements are based on weight

05-10-2012, 10:58 PM
@determined it's always been different... sometimes 1,400 sometimes 3,000... it depended on what I had going on each day, with school I'm very busy! However, if I was to average, I would guess 2,3-2,400. TDEE is 3,374, so 15% of that or 15% of my 2,400? Thanks, repped.

@AlwaysTryin that makes sense! how would i figure out that info... 1-1.5 fat .4-.5 fat and rest in carbs as Determined posted? Repped yesterday.

Thanks for all the replies, keep them coming if possible. Trying to gain as much info as possible so I can get diet & training down pat and potentially get a transformation going with some pics. Appreciated.

05-10-2012, 11:05 PM
@AlwaysTryin that makes sense! how would i figure out that info... 1-1.5 fat .4-.5 fat and rest in carbs as Determined posted? Repped yesterday.

You meet the protein and fat requirements (minimums) and split the remaining calories however you choose - can be all carbs, can be some carbs and more protein etc

Basically use the rest to suit the foods you like to eat. I.e. for me I love getting a lot more protein as I love steak, kangaroo etc

05-13-2012, 05:52 PM
@AlwaysTryin Awesome, thanks. I'm trying to do a clean cut, I enjoy eating healthy, but I haven't tracked macronutrients and this is definitely a great way to keep diet in check & consistent, thanks a lot for your responses... NO POP TARTS!! :)