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04-30-2012, 11:47 PM
Hello people, I am currently on a strict cutting diet and have been for the last 10 weeks for no cheet days. I am 6.0 feet and currently 200 pound, approx 15-16% body fat estimated(I will post pics when I get chance to see what you reckon to that estimate ) was just after your thoughts and advice, last year I overdid the cardio and lost too much muscle so far this year I haven't started any cardio yet and I'm losing approx 1-2 pound a week, I am lifting 5 times a week and always the maximum weight I can without losing form,
This is a usual day
5.40am gym session (weights )
7.00am 1scoop protein powder with milk,1 scoop oats (50gram scoops) lucozade orange half before training half after
10.30am 1scoop oats, 0.5 scoop protein mixed with water
1.00pm 100gram chicken breast,100gram cous cous , mixed leafy salad
3.00pm 2 boiled eggs, apple
6.00pm tin tuna, mixed leafy salad, spoon ful of olive oil
10.00 pm scoop of protein with milk , spoon of peanut butter
Approx 1900 calories, I always make sure I take in at least 200grams protein,
Supplements, 50ml anavar a day,creatine ethyl ester , multi vitamin , Eca, green tea, glutamine,
Seems to be working haven't lost any strength and losing body fat but keen for your feedback!
Cheers people