View Full Version : Imitation flavors?

04-25-2012, 05:17 PM
i saw some old threads here and there about these but a straight answer was never given, im about 7 weeks out from a physique show, now i struggle a bit with my breakfast as im usually very short on time, cooking/eating and making oatmeal taste decent has become somewhat of a hassle, thats when i came up with the idea of making "cookies" out of them, and by that i mean cooking the oatmeal to make it soft, use a non calorie non fat spray butter to mix it with, use some splenda and sugar free syrup to give it some chew.. well the other night as i passed by the spice isle i noticed lots of "Imitation flavors", some of them being caramel, banana, chocolate, strawberry... now i looked lo and behold for the nutrition facts on them but couldn't find a thing on them.
Now here i am left wondering if these would be considered "safe" to use when prepping for a show? has anyone tried them out or know much of them? the ingredients read "Water, Propylene Glycol (which is pretty much alcohol) as well as natural and artificial flavors..