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04-18-2012, 07:18 PM
Alright so I've been around this site for quite a while, and first off would like to thank everybody for what they have helped me with over the years. Let me start with a little background information.

For as long as I can remember I was always the fat kid. It sucks but I was always just one of those kids that put on fat. At the end of eighth grade I finally decided enough was enough and conveniently found this site. With the info I found, I managed to go from 5'8 185ish pounds in may, to 5'11 142 pounds in December of that same year. Being a swimmer I had to take a break from my body ambitions and focus on swimming till about mid February. By the end of the swim season I already had my bulking plan laid out, and as soon as I was done got to work. Over the course of the swim season till the summer i bulked till i reached 170. I was moderately content with my body, and stupidly abandoned bodybuilding for a while. Over high school I slowly crept up to about 190 during the middle of senior year, with a lot more fat than I was happy with. So once again i got on the grind eight weeks before graduation. I managed to slim down, and with access to a gym instead of my basement this time, build some muscle back too. For the first time in my life I had a six pack and at least some muscle, and right in time for beach week.

When I arrived to VCU I was weighing in about 165, something that at 6'1 is unaccepptable. I quickly became completely addicted to bulking, with some added information, managed to bulk up from 165 to 213. All my lifts have skyrocketted and for now I am happy with my size, but with the coming summer months, it's time to get serious about cutting. I have been cutting for about 5 weeks now, with a somewhat slow cut and as of today I'm weighing in at about 197 and from my estimates somewhere around 14% body fat.

For now my goal is to reach 8-9% bodyfat, and have an ending weight of 180-185, hopefully in about 8 weeks.

For each major lifting day, I will be doing three different supersetts, each containing three exercises. The first two are with weights and the last one is with bands. I live by the principal of constantly changing my workout so each week will change an exercise or two. I track all of my results in my folder and will post them with my daily updates.

On Abs days I do two different supersetts each with three exercises, and one exercise to failure at the end. At the end of each abs workout I do a "workout finisher" consisting of three sets of a superset with; 20 bear crawls to pushups, 20 Frog squat jumps, 20 pushups, and 20 lunge jumps. These too will alternate over time.

Monday through Friday will include 3 miles of steady state cardio on an empty stomach. While i will probably sacrifice some muscle mass, I find that it works extremely well for me.

This is how my split goes
Monday - Shoulders/Traps
Tuesday - HIIT
Wednesday - Back/Bi's
Thursday - Abs
Friday- Chest/Tri's
Saturday - HIIT
Sunday - Abs

As far as diet I aim to eat around 2200 calories, at least 200 grams of protein, and simple sugars only around workout time.

Supplements -
EAS Whey
ON Creatine
Vitamin shoppe multi
Fish Oil x 6
and as my progress begins to plateau, EC stack

I will post some pictures up with my first daily update.