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04-06-2012, 10:06 PM
Alright Boys and Girls,

Time For a serious cut, for aesthetic purposes. Maybe i'll keep this as a yearly thing, that is, to at least look good once during the summer :)

This time around my goal is to reach the 200-220lb Range, I'll start judging when I should stop based on aesthetics once 220 has been reached.

Last time i went to 180 and fam started saying I was looking too skinny.

Anyways I'll keep this as a dailyish journal to keep me strong :),
i'll be weighing myself only once a month.

04-06-2012, 10:06 PM
I renamed my thread and ill tell y'all why (if youese even there :), i'm mostly talking to myself I do this alot :O )

Freaking Wednsday was suppose dto be my binge day before my cut and Thursday was supposed to be cut day 01 but.... After Binging all of that food I GOT FOOD POISONING!!!!

I was up until all day as i took the day to relax and chill doing absolutely nothing in mind but eating food/resting/studying for test(finalexam equilvalent)

I was up until 2:30ish, kept getting mad gas until i felt...mmm maybe i should go to the washroom...
I got up and THREW UP!! SON OF A B!tch I was thinking AS ALL OF MY DAYS BINGE WENT TO WASTE!!! ALL OF MY PROTEAN!!! As chunks of Apple and Oats found its way out my noise and stuck deep in my nasal passages! OH THE BURN!!!!
I ended up throwing up 7x and fell Asleep for 2-3hours woke up @ 6:00am went to shower AND STARTED TO DRY HEAVE because I HAD ABSOLUTELY NO FLUID Left in Stomach to threw up and....then...(my last meal was yogurt was mixed with aton of granola)The Granola Dry Heaved its way up and out, THIS WAS FU#CKING PAINFUL!!!!

And I had a f$#$#ing test today, my body was acking like i just got run over and inflated like in the cartoon's and i was shaking from lack of nutrition in fear of throwing up during test.

So my guess it was food poisoning because it came out both ways oh well its over today i feel a sh!t better at least 3x better over yesterday.

So thats my cool story, and why i'm starting Tomorrow.

04-06-2012, 10:27 PM
I would say that the body probably needs you to binge. Eat regular sized meals. There is the guy on Youtube who is my hero. He is a vegan raw foodist, basically only eating fruits, vegetables and nuts in uncooked form. He is very muscular and he says that he only works out twice a week, even though he spends about 3 hours in the gym when goes twice a week. Due to BB.com's rules of me not being able to post links since I have less than 50 posts on this site I can only give you a name video clip for you to look up on Youtube.

The Channel you got to is "MarkusRothkranz" and the video name to look up in Youtube's search is "Raw Food Vegan Bodybuilder cab driver eats no meat".

This guy is so inspirational. You wouldn't have known that he was NOT drinking tons of protein shakes, eating tons of meat and going on food binges in order to build muscle. This guy turn all the myths about body building upside down on their heads.

04-06-2012, 11:01 PM
Sucks about the food poisoning! What's your time frame for the cut? And any specific type of diet you'll be following.