View Full Version : How to combine these 3 supplements

04-02-2012, 03:40 PM

Well i've got 1 question, at the moment i have muscle juice + krealklayn + some vitamin drink i can use, so my question is how should i use it?
On trainings day i just wake up take the weightgainer and 1 hour before the training i take 2 capsules of krealkalyn and i drink weight gainer again after the training

On non training days i take 2 capsules right after i wake up and then right after i take the weight gainer and in the evening i take the weight gainer once again between the meals?

How many scoops should i use for muslce juice? It says normally 2 but it's like 200g so i would finish it pretty fast.


04-02-2012, 05:56 PM
How you are taking the Kre Alkalyn is perfectly fine, as for the muscle juice, it all depends what your goals are. Its just a weight gainer a bunch of excess calories. If you really struggle to put on weight this may help but I personally rather get my calories from real food rather than a shake. The only shakes I take are Whey Protein, cause it its hard to eat 300g of protein a day from real food alone, but calories are easy to pack on. Carbs and healthy fats add up quick and are easy to take in with out a shake. Good luck