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03-25-2012, 03:50 PM
Hey y'all,

Just wanted to get a little advice or opinions on my diet and workout routine. I'm just getting back into the swing of things. Been lazy and got fat the past 8 months; school has just taken over my life. I'm 23 years old. Probably around 20% body fat(gross) and about 190lbs. I've worked hard done research and here's the diet and routine I've come up with.
Cardio first sixty days:
I will do cardio five days a week, before breakfast. So days Monday through Friday from 6:30am to 8:00am (1.5 hours), I will do cardio keeping my BPM at about 110-120. Because of the kitosis state my body will be in, once my heart rate goes above 120 my body will start burning muscle instead of fat due to its need for glucose. No cardio after weight workout, but considering another 1.5 hours at night?

Weight routine for first sixty days:
Monday- Chest and Triceps
• Incline bench-4x8
• Skull Crushers-4x8
• Flat DB Bench-4x8
• Triceps cable ext.-4x8
• Cable flys-3x10
Tuesday-Back and Biceps
• Deadlift -4x8
• T-bar rows-4x8
• Straight bar curl-4x8
• Wide lat pull downs-4x8
• Hammer curls-3x8
• Weighted declined crunches 4x10
• Calf raises-4x10
• Hanging leg lifts-4x10
• DB side dips(oblique)-3x10
• Cable twists(oblique)-3x10
• Squats-4x8
• Leg press-4x8
• Leg curls-4x8
• Lunges-3x15
• Push press-3x6
• Upright Row-4x8
• DB Shrugs-4x8
• Seated laterals3x8
• Rear seated laterals-3x8
My diet will total to: Calories-1954, Protein-221, carbs-35g, and Fat-113
*Carbs may be a little more because I refuse to give up ketchup. ha
 Meal one: Immediately after cardio-
• six whole omega-3 rich natural eggs
 Meal Two:
• 4oz skinless boneless chicken breast
• cup almonds
 Meal Three:
• One scoop Golden standard 100% whey
• Two tbsp. natural peanut butter
 Meal Four:
• 4oz skinless boneless chicken breast
• cup almonds
 Meal Five: post workout shake
• 2 scoops Gold standard 100% whey
 Meal six:
• 4oz salmon or chicken
• 1 tbsp Macadamia nut oil
 Meal seven:
• 4oz salmon or chicken
• Omega-3 fish oil- 1000mgs- three times a day
• Evening Primrose oil(omega-6)-1300mg- twice a day
• Himalaya liv-52(liver support)

I know I should "bulk" then "cut", but I'm not a professional, I just want to look and feel the best I can.
Thank you very much for any input.

03-25-2012, 04:54 PM
just lift and eat at a deficit man thats too much complications. train bodyparts 1-2x a week and eat protein fat needs then carbs. look at the nutrition section for more help.